Sunday, 23 March 2014


This is the only other show i watched Via Funimation instead of Crunchyroll, the entire series should be available for free next sunday, i used my 2 week free trial to finish this a week early.

I have heard some people talk about how terrible this past season has been and i'm sorry but we must have been watching different shows.

Yes there is a lot of fluffy moe crap but on the other hand this season had some really good titles. So many that i can't pick a favourite.

That being said if you really pushed me this would be fighting for the number one spot.

Noragami is a story about a girl, Hiyori,  who has an encounter with a god, Yato, and how they change each others lives.

The story deal with themes of life and loss and hard choices and it's all done so well and never feels heavy handed.
The animation is stellar, some of the best animation this season has to offer, it's fluid and expressive and easily pulls of the funny moments as well as the serious ones.
It is only 12 episodes which... kinda sucks cause i was really enjoying it but hey... it could have a season 2 if it wanted... and i'm sure the manga is different (cause of the added character for the anime) so i'll see if anyone picked that up and try to start reading it.

NOW... to address my major biases.

1. I love Shows that have fantasy elements in a modern day setting (i believe the term is 'urban fantasy' but i just heard it recently so i'm not 100% sure if thats the correct term)... i don't know why but i find it fascinating and it's an easy way to earn my love as far as storytelling goes.

2. I can be easily swayed by my ears. If i'm enjoying what i hear i will forgive a lot... there are more then a few shows i watched fully simply cause i enjoyed the music in it.

2.5. The main character in Narogami IS voiced by my favorite voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya... on one hand this lends itself to a fun little head canon where Natsume becomes a lecherous god which makes me giggle... on the other hand it just makes me happy to hear his voice in a slightly more forceful but not evil role.

That all being said... even if it wasn't set in modern day... or even if Hiroshi Kamiya wasn't playing Yato i would more then likely love this show.
The story, the art, the characters and the music are all very good and when Funimation brings this over (i am working under the assumption that whatever Funi simulcasts they also license) it will be the first series i have bought from them in a long time.

If you have the chance watch it (unless you hate the type of show that i just described). In North America you can watch it on Funimation's website but for the rest of the world... i honestly don't know.

Also just for giggles...

Natsume is a good kid, though after years and years of being backstabbed by both friends and yokai he eventually starts holding grudges > Becomes something like orihaya izaya from durarara and just starts messing with people as revenge > eventually gets tired of being an ass and decides to build a school under the name Mephisto from Blue exorcist but can't help but pull a few pranks here and there > Eventually somehow [possibly cause as natsume he was so powerful] ascends to the status of a japanese god of calamity and takes on the name Yato and learns to care for humanity once again.

*takes a bow* i know it's stupid and silly but i enjoy doing random crap like that even though it's all just for fun.

Alright... everything i'm watchign except nisekoi and yowapeda end this week so here is what we are in for.

Monday: Pilots love song
Wednesday: Witch Craft Works
Thursday: Nagi no Asukura, Golden time, Samurai Flamenco
Saturday: Kuroko's Basketball.

Why does everything air on thursday...

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