Thursday, 20 March 2014

Heart of the Ocean -From Start to Finish-

So as my arm heals i've been trying to draw more and more, most things don't make it past the sketch stage but at least i feel like i'm not just sitting around waiting to get better (or more accurately waiting for my appointment to see if it's carpel tunnel in my neck/wrist or not)

I've mentioned it a few times but my favorite pose to do is actually the back towards vewier pose. it's a lot of fun to draw and can be very pretty.

so i did this.
hm.... not feeling it.
but i did want to update the design of this particular character so i waited a few days and tried again.

hm well... it's better... still not in love but i'll try inking it and see if i play around with the details i'll enjoy it more.

Now when i start any picture i flip it horizontlly first to see if (for the most part) things make sense but also to see if it would be better facing the other way.
For piece like this where there is no ground i add the step of rotating the canvas just incase there is a more dynamic piece possible.
In this case there was so i went with that.

It has been a while since i have drawn any mermaids (mostly cause i was just a bit burnt out on them and needed a breather) so i was a bit worried that i wouldn't finish this.

Day 1:
I finished the lineart which ended up with quite a few different details.

Day 2:
After finishing the flat colour i figured why not call it a day, give my wrist a rest... i had gotten quite a bit done in a short time frame (about an hour?).
but after about an hours break my internet gave me a lovely little notification.
"you have used 75% of your allowed bandwidth for the month"
it was the 19th.... crap.
So after setting my brother up with lots of things to do that kept him off the internet... i looked at my computer and had a little cry.
I knew at least until my family called the company to deal with it i had to reduce most of my internet time.
well apparently the best thing to make yourself productive is to stay way from the internet. who would have guessed?

in another hour or two i managed to get most of the piece done.

But then my wrist told me to stop so i couldn't actually do the finishing touches... i did mass around with things like colour though just so i felt like i was still working.

Later that night my family calls them and their response is. "oh if you want to upgrade to unlimited bandwidth it's only another 10 dollars"
so essentially we had been dealing with doing our best to conserve bandwidth when for a measly 10 bucks more we wouldn't have to? i wouldn't have to worry about streaming and hell could even potentially do some live streaming myself?
it never occured to them and call us to tell us about this offer... that would have been too kind... no instead they wanted us to go over and get us to pay the freakishly high overcharge fee.

Day 3:
more fussing and fiddling and after another 30 mins it's finaly done... yay~
I wanted to give her a more scaly look but it wasn't working out so i tried some other methods.
So yeah this is Mizu (name will probably change cause when i was 13 i couldn't name things very well) My water elemental with the heart of the ocean which is under her care.
I may do the other 5 elementals like this (3 stil lhave stupid names though) but who knows... i tend to say i'll do things and then... yeah i just don't.

Anyways i hope you enjoy this, you can see it and some of my sketches over at Patreon.

Otherwise thanks for stopping by.

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