Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Inari Kon Kon

i am a little surprised that this show is only 10 episodes... i was expecting a couple more.

So, most of the shows i talk about are from crunchyroll because up until recently Funimation would not work for me... at first it was because they used Hulu which doens't have licensing rights in Canada... and then after they switched their player just wouldn't load videos.

However now it seems like whatever the problem was it's been fixed (for me at least, my friend stil lcan't get it to work?) ... yay. Unlike crunchy i wont be getting a subscription (yet) if only because they don't have enough titles to warrant the 8 bucks a month (especially with the CAD being at .90 right now so it's closer to 9 buck+exchange fee)... there back catalog is very big but yeah... not a lot of titles look interesting to me (for the moment)

So why was i watching this title? Well... Noragami is on Funimation.... spoilers: noragami is probably one of my fav shows this season (a line you are going to see more then once in the upcoming weeks) and i felt bad that i was only watching the one thing now that funimation was working for me.
so i tried out a few more simulcasts and this was the only one that didn't seem to..... fanservicy.

The story is about a girl who feels unable to do anything. If only she could be this other girl who is pretty and popular and able to speak to the boy she likes with ease. The god of the shrine the girl often visits gives her the chance to make any wish.
She wishes to become the other girl... but it doesn't take long for her to realize that just because you look like someone else it doesn't change the fact that you are still you on the inside.
She goes back to say "sorry nevermind take my wish back" only to have the god explain that she can't, granting two wishes to a human is playing favoritism and is against the rules.

Now pause a second, so far i am in love with the premise of "be careful what you wish for" and i was hoping for a bit of a body switch story and that they would have to work together to try and get back to their original form. I love these kinds of stories.
But then...

Instead the god says "well we'll give you some of our divine power which will allow you to transform into any living creature you want"

. . . awwww.... i got my hopes up for nothing.

so then we get a lot of filler about how humans can't really handle divine power and how the god was stupid to give the girl some and how when she gets the power back the girl wont be able to see her and it will be sad... yeah thats great and all but....
at the same time we get this side story abotu the girls brother and how he can see the god without any special power and how he actualyl kinda hates her.

Pause... okay so this is going to be a story about how they help each other out despite the mortal vs immortal differences and then they will come to respect and eventually love each other? then it'll be all tragic when the mortal shows his mortality... okay this can be fun.

NOPE.... instead we find out that the god is a fan of gaming... specifically dating sims.
and they play games together and he's all tsundere the entire time "it's not like i asked you to come play games... idiot"
they do fall in love but it never really goes anywhere.

theres also another side story of the pretty girl the main character originally transformed into actually likes another girl.
a cute premise that again... goes nowhere.

anyways the point of the show is the story of a girl gorwing up and takign responsibilities for her actions.

but it could have been so much more.
If the story was focused on any other character this could have been great but Inari is just.... kinda bland.
something bad happens, she subconsciously uses the power to deal with it, feels guilty, takes responsibility for her actions.
this happens every time.
even her brother finding out she has divine power is played up as "omg he's gunna be so mad" but then it happens and he's just "i am upset at you but i wont do anything about it"

The show is cute, well animated, good music but the story is just... blah... i was really hoping that more would happen, or that there would be a point to something.
this story would have played out the exact same way had she never met the god and gotten the power... she would have become friends with the girl she was jealous of, she would have gotten more courage to talk to the boy she likes and she would have continued to grow as a person.

I do like the show and it is very short but this season has so many good shows theres no point in watching unless you just want some cute fluffy stuff... and theres nothing wrong with that.
Intro song is catchy as hell.

(also i am reviewing this this week and not next cause i used the 14 day free trial so... yay... Noragami should be this sunday i believe)

Inari Kon Kon will be availble completely for free next week (March 26) so give it a try if you think it sounds fun.

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