Friday, 4 April 2014

Nagi no Asukura

Aka Nagi asu
Aka A lull in the sea.

1. I was going to talk about this yesterday but i got called in to work for the week on a tv show and due to a cold + 12 hour work days when i got home yesterday i just ate and went to bed... i have barely touched my comp in the past four days... but i made some money so no complaints.

2. it "worked" (heavy quotation marks) on Eccentric family... so i'm gunna say it again.... I want NISA to license this.... this show in one of there stunning boxes with an artbook and maybe even a dub (ok now i'm getting greedy).... i want it... i want it so badly words cannot describe. I think out of all the licensing companies they would do the best job with this property... so i'm just gunna keep wishing... actually i should check if anyone did license this... *looks at MAL and makes a noise she cannot reproduce through text* THEY GOT IT
granted they haven't made an annoucement via email or anything yet so i'll wait for this to be confirmed.
but if it is true i am going to be bouncing off the walls for days.
and i honestly didn't know that till i started writing this... i don't do much research and most of it i do while i write just to check that i'm not messing anything up too badly.

3. if i had to pick an absolute fav of the season... even though i loved a lot this season... i would have a hard time between this and Noragami. both shows were just so damn good... maybe this gets the edge cause it's longer? i dunno... so good though.

SO.... Nagi no Asukura

This is a lot of shows rolled up into one. First it's about how the human race is divided into two types of people... those who live in the sea, are able to breath the water and worship the "sea god" and those who live on land, which can include people from the sea who have given up living there cause those they love are on land and their children will not be able to breath the water.

The show focuses on 4 kids from the sea who are forced to go to school on land cause there just aren't enough student to run a sea only class.
This introduces the culture shock element. The people from the sea and the people from the land have different priorities and therefor have a hard time seeing eye to eye. not to mention kids will tend to pick on those who are slightly different then they are. of course overtime they grow to understand each other and they try to do their best to show that they can live with each other.... if they could only put their pride aside.

Then it is introduced that eventually a disaster will befall the human race and the sea god wishes to force all the sea people to hibernate till it has passed, this could be for hundreds of years but the sea god above all else wishes for his people not to go extinct. The 4 kids try to do their best to hold a festival to quell the sea god but the date of hibernation is on the same day so it's a little risky.

Besides all that, the show is also about love and all the forms it comes in. it does a wonderful job oh having the feelings each character has for another feel completely genuine as well as very sad while never interfering with the plot... it meshes pretty well and the final episode did get to me to cry quite a bit (though... i'm really tired so that may have added to it... still the last ep is so good)

any more then that would be creeping into spoilers so i'll just say about halfway through there is an event that skyrocketed this into my fav of the season (and then noragami started so i was conflicted which one i liked more... i plan to own both so thats what matters)... so yeah... go watch it on crunchyroll.

The good:
the world building in this is fantastic, i love how shishishio looks and with all the little fishies swimming around.... i love the surface and how everything seems to be old and peeling but still has this charm.
the voice acting is great i thought manaka's voice would grate on me but no it really works well.
fish out of water stories (literally) are among my favs, so adding that to a love story and even a tiny bit of an environmental story (without being preachy and also giving absolutely no solutions but still) and the wrapping it all in a [spoiler] type plot line... oh it just makes me so happy how good this is.

The not so good:
it drags a little at the start but boy does it ramp up so yeah.... minor issue.

The bad:
unless NISA doesn't actually have this... that would make me cry

but yeah from now on this will be one of those shows i casually suggest people watch (along with princess tutu and Natsume yuujinchou though i'm not too subtle about the latter title) cause i think it hasn't gotten much attention but wow is it good.
but yeah, make up you own mind by heading over to crunchyroll...
i'm going to "patiently" wait for NISA to confirm or deny that they have this property.

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