Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dropped: The Future Diary

AKA Mirai Nikki.

I knew i probably wouldn't make it through this show.
but dammit i was curious.... it has a lot of good reviews and lots of people like it... but...
The show is 'decent' but it has a few things i hate and one thing i cannot deal with.

1. Stalkers
It's not cute, it's not sweet, it's not endearing and it is not a sign of loyalty... and it's the main girls thing... she is batshit insane and yes that is the point but for whatever reason the main character is falling in love with her and just... NO.
"oh she broke into our house and cooked? i like her... lets have her stay over... in you room... just please don't make too much noise... oh she was thinking about killing me if i didn't appraove? well it's a good thing i like her then!"

2. Rape
I don't like rape being used as a plot device for pure shock. Yes it works in the context of the episode but it's still cheap in my opinion. Also this seems like the type of show that may try something like that again.

3. Killer toddler
one of the diary holders is a young child... so he is either going to kill or be killed.
i don't know or care if he is actually young... he looks and acts young.
I don't care that he totally has a motive... or that he's being played out to be evil.... he is still a child and the age is just too close so i can't.
This is completely 100% personal to me but still i know what i can and can't handle... and that is firmly in the can't pile.

I only saw 6 episodes so i can't say if the show is good or not... all i can say is if you don't like gore, blood or any of the other things i mentioned then probably best to stay away. yes most of the truly gory stuff is censored (either with shadows or pixels despite the MA rating) but it's still pretty graphic... if it doesn't bug you then there is probably a decent show in there.
Unfortunately i'll never know.


  1. Eh, I actually finished this a few days ago. I have to say I kinda had to force myself, but for me it was a matter of expectations, I read it was a really good show so I was hoping for something better as I didn't particularly like it.
    Anyway, I can say you that you're right about points 1 and 3, but I don't remember about rape being an important part of the show. With that being said, IMHO you can decide to not watch this without many regrets, the somewhat good part is only at the end and I don't know if it's worth watching 17 episodes before getting there :P

    1. i figured my second point had the chance of being a one off shock thing in episode 5 (with the claivoyant cult leader girl) but i wouldn't have been surprised if they tried again.
      it's sad that you had to 'force yourself' cause yeah i heard almost exclusively good things about the show when it originally aired. That's why i decided to try it even though there was the stalker element. kinda makes me curious as to what made it so popular when it first came out.

    2. Yeah I wonder that too; who knows, maybe when it first aired it was not such a bad show to watch weekly, but I don't really know :/