Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Takashi and Reiko

when i saw this set i feel in love with it.
also the fact that a reiko figure existed made me very happy
i could explain but no... pictures.... and boy are there a lot.

aww look he's looking at his book of friends and subtlety smiling showing that he has grown to enjoy his interactions with Yokai instead of dread them... well thats nice and all but why would i fall in love?
GAH he's so cute walking on the water and the ripples and is that translucent and molded in a way where the light is captures and shows the effect of the ripples and  *head blows up* so pretty.
i got him a few months before i got reiko but yeah... i love the water effect, i love the story that the pose tells (even if i may be looking too much into it) i love the way Nyanko-sensei looks over the shoulder (for reason i'll explain later) i just adore this figure... it was my fav natsume figure until i got my most recent one.

ok more pictures time.

i even love the backshot of this figure.

But like i said, i also got Reiko.
so pretty, i love show she's holdign her bat, i love how she also is looking over her shoulder which again will be explained a little later. the water again looks fantastic and i love how her look is slightly downcast but still smiling.
ok spamming time.

and now for my fav single show of her.
ugh i just love it... and reminds me how Takashi is the only human who ever makes physical contact with a yokai... no one else did. Not matoba, not reiko, not natori.... i am curious as to why.

okay.... these figures are lovely alone... but together i get so happy.

Nyanko and Reiko are looking at each other. *has a fangirl moment*
it's just so damn cute and yeah... i love it.
now time for focus shifting.

yes nyanko keep looking at her... it only makes my theory seems more plausible.

*more fangirl moments* sorry... i'm okay (no i'm not)
the last shot is probably my fav but yeah... i love this set... i'm so happy it's got a permanent place on my desk.
which i need to tidy up cause it's getting a little crowded.

okay next time is my newest and Favorite natsume figure and after that some mugs i already previewed on twitter... and then maybe i'll have all my new nendo's pictures taken. 

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