Thursday, 10 April 2014

Prison -From Start to Finish-

i'm going to be honest for a second.
90% of my art ideas are "i wanna draw that" and then i do and i'm either happy or i'm not and i move on.
the other 10% is "i wanna draw this.... but i also wanna draw that...... can i combine the two?" and then i try and i either like it or i don't and i move on.

and thats just how i get started.... 50% of the time after starting i go "hey this actually looks like that" and i move in a different direction.... it's why i hate giving sketch preview of things like commissions cause
A) i'm going to tweak everything
B) it's probably going to look incredibly different when i'm done.

this picture didn't change as much as i expected it to.

So i started with the mindset "fairies are fun to draw...... but so are mermaids... i wanna draw both..... but.... how?"
then this popped into my head.
yes if she is some how trapped underwater i can easily draw both at the same time...
hm... but it looks like he's kidnapped her... no thats not what i want...
so then i added some chain on him.
okay but why were they kidnapped.
some evil demon king kidnps rare creatures and keeps them like pets even though they are living breathing creatures that deserve freedom....
how do i show that?
ok so Demon king kidnaps those who happen to be albino... ok ok beeter do research on how fish react to being albino... since pretty much every species has some form of 'albino' gene but it doesn't always react exactly the same.
okay so then whats going on... he obviously got free and is he sad that he can't ger her free? did they fall in love while being captive together? is he going to escape and try to free her later? is she somehow going to get free even though that would probably kill her since she's not a water dwealing creature? how does the cage work...
screw it i'll figure that stuff out later.... especially since no one will know about the depth of my little narrative based on one picture.

then i shows the pic to a friend of mine and she got the indepth narrative damn near spot on within seconds so.... either she was on the same wavelength or i made it just literal enough. probably the latter

anyways just as i got to work on it i get a call. "hey, can you come and work on this tv show for the rest of the week? it'll only be 4 days"
well i can't turn down money so yeah sure.
i figured the work should be fairly simple and then i can finish this off.
then i remembered that i wasn';t workign cause my stupid shoulder is bugging out.
so after a few days of rest i finally finished this...
and i did a few insanely stupid things.

Stupid thing number 1:
"wouldn't it be fun to add a bunch of detail to the cage? the demon king would probably want her prison to at least be pretty for him to look at cause he's a greedy bastard"
yeah.... it wasn't fun for my wrist but i do like how it affected the final piece.

Stupid thing number 2:
"wouldn't it be fun to make it look like refratcing light is hitting the barrier that somehow allows her to breath?"
yeah..... not fun.... but happy with the results.

so i learned whenever i say "wouldn;t it be fun to [fill in info here]" it is never actually going to be 'fun' but i will be happy with the end.

now for the final piece!
now considering i've spent a bit of time on this no one will probably like it.... but you know what? i like it... i'm really happy with this and in the end... thats what matters....
i may make it a series.... i may not... again my art depends on my random whims.

still i hope you enjoy it and my random ramblings on how my brain works while i'm working.
i'll be working all next week and potentially the week after so it'll probably be a bit before my next piece (curse you 12 hour days... taking up all my time) hopefully it doesn't hurt my shoulder (this job shouldn't... even though it's half of the original job that injured me.... but it's the half that didn't hurt. )

Anyways thanks for your time
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