Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kamisama Kiss

yes, i am just skimming through the funi catalog and watching whatever looks fun/interesting or stuff i heard good things about.

A show like this probably wouldn't have caught my attention normally... it just looks from the outside like your typical reverse harem/hime anime.
But i have a friend who seemed to like it and for the most part i trust her taste so i gave it a shot.

It's about Nanami who's dead beat dad runs off leaving her with a ton of debt and she is evicted. while in the park she helps a stranger and he gives her his house.
only his house is a shrine and he was a god and now she's a god... but she's also human... and her familiar doesn't want to listen and the only way to get him to resign the contract is with a kiss.

chaos/hilarity ensues.

The good:
The animation is fairly well done, very bright and colourful with some really nice character designs.
The characters all have a great amount of range and since you know which of the guys she's going to be with from the start theres never the "lets date everyone at once" aspect that a lot of other harem/reverse harems fall into.
It has a lot of comedic moments but also has a lot of sweet or cute bits, it's very relaxed but fun.
the pacing is good but....

The not so good:
this feels like it needs a second season cause a lot was left unanswered.
how does she react when she figures out he doesn't remember his first love, why did she find the kings eye where she found it, who was the guy buying the mask and why introduce a character at the last minute, what is mikage's deal and who does he really think she is.
Now it was just done in 2012 so the possibility of a sequel is still pretty high but going by whats out right this second the overall story is a bit unfinished.

The bad: 
the intro and ending songs made me want to rip off my ears... some of the worse music in anime i have ever heard... yes i just skipped it but the sheer awfulness made me want to turn off the show the first time i heard it. if they get another season please please please get better music.

I think Funimation only licenses to USA and Canada so... it's a bit limited, but if you like fluffy cute shows and you have the chance to see it then you'll probably have fun with this one.

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