Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Figure Photoshoot - Natsume at night

So... uh...
ok best to go back to the beginning before i completely dump a boatload of pictures over the next few weeks.

a while ago (according to my Metadata September 2013) i got a few new natsume yuujinchou figures.
I took a ton of pictures and then told myself "great i'll edit and crop these tomorrow then post them"

Then i forgot.
and got more figures

"okay, i'll wait for better light and then i'll take pictures and then edit everything and post it"
and.... then i forgot.

Then a week or so i got possibly my most favorite figure ever.... and i took a ton of pictures of it and right when i was about to edit all the pictures.... I got called in to work for a week.

BUT i said dammit i need to post these or they will sit on my camera forever and that would make me sad.

So i started going through the couple hundred shots and even though i'm pretty damn picky i still ended up with 50ish... and i'm not even done taking pictures... my nendo flonne and Hibiki are waiting for better sunlight. 

So what i'm decided to do is do them in batches and post one batch a week.... and yeah that should work out the best and not overload everyone.

But which batch to post first?

I'll try to go from older to newst but no promises.

I have been pretty clear that Natsume's book of friends is easily one of my all time favorite shows. Every time i watch it i just smile from ear to ear... sometimes while bawling my eyes out.
The one really sad thing is that Merch for this show is pretty much non-existant (well the human characters at least, Nyanko gets quite a bit of love)
I love figures, hell i have a 3D printer heading my way that will be mostly used to help with making my own custom figures. It is a weakness of mine.
but the only 1/8th scale figure is rare and goes for 300ish (but it's being reprinted so now i just refresh ami ami every day)
the other figures for the show are non-scale and from some kind of lottery which mean they are not easy to get.
that apparently hasn't stopped me.

Currently i have 7 of these figures, i've also taken pictures of 3 of them but here is another.

Now originally i wasn't going to get this one but i really liked the fact that it came with it's own background. I thought that was kinda neat for a figure.
not that you need to have the background, the pose is nice enough on it' own (but it does make more sense with the BG)
and since i am a weakling i just got it cause why not. I want to get the madara figure that pairs with this But i probably never will as all the madara figures are stupid expensive and i don't care that much.

but yeah i was very surprised when it arrived and i noticed the little fluffball
none of the product pics really show it and it was just a cute little surprise. I love that ep so yeah it just makes me smile.
ok two more shot without the BG

now havign a figure with a BG means i had a little too much fun with placement... and i think this is one figure i probably too the most pics of even though originally i wasn't going to get it.

but in the end one shot was my absolute fav
i like that instead of reaching out to the light he's reaching out to the viewer.

alright next i'll probably do one of the sets i own and then who knows.
anyways i hope you enjoy these and if not well then... too bad i wanna share pictures of stuff i spend too much money on.

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