Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pile of half finished games

I have a terrible tendancy to play a game to about the halfway mark and then stop.
sometimes it cause i got a new game
sometimes it's just cause i was bored and forgot about it
most of the time it's cause i need to grind and i hate grinding so i move on.

Still i should try to beat some of them...

So here's my list.
It'll be title, system and how far i think i am, if they are bolded i will be more likely to play.

Final fantasy IV - DS - 25%

Disgaea DS  - DS - technically already beaten on ps2... about 50% on ds

A Witch's Tale - DS - 75% though first playthrough but i'd rather use this game as a tiny frisbee then actually play it.

Hoshigami Remix - DS - 10% but i'm in an unwinable situation and again, this game would make a good tiny frisbee

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - DS - 50%

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - DS -70% but i made the mistake of playing birth by sleep before going back to this one and the controls are just so terrible.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded -DS - 0% i wanted to be the other one first and now i just... ugh... the only good KH handheld i have played is birth by sleep.

Luminous Arc 2 - DS - 60%

New Super mario Bros - DS - 90% but i got really bored

Pokemon Conquest - DS - 25%

Lux Pain - DS - 5% cause it's kind of terrible.

Super Mario Galaxy - Wii - 70% and i only got that far cause i had a friend to play with...i can't play the game alone cause of the amount of space.

Phantom Brave - Wii - 15% cause damn this game is difficult... stupid timer.

Arc Rise Phantasia - Wii - 98% i'm at the penultimate boss but i need to grind and the game is just so bad

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Wii - i think i'm stuck on a chapter in the late teens or early twenties... i just needed to walk away cause i kept letting someone die and thats no good. 

Super Mario 3d land - 3DS - 10% and again... so bored.

Shin Megami Tensei IV - 3DS - i've put in a lot of time but i think i'm only like 25% through... it's a really long game.

Bravely default - 3DS - i just got the fire crystal back and honestly this games plot is just so dull i don't wanna play anymore... which sucks cause the music is really good.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team - 3DS - 90% but the controls are getting a little dull.

Vantage Master - PSP import - 0% it's still in the shrink wrap.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth PSP - 25% but it's a frustraiting game where you needa guild to get good end so... in no rush to get back to it.

Clase of Heroes - PSP - hell if i know... it's games like this that made me HATE first person dungeon crawlers. I didn't get demon gaze cause i didn't know if i would like it thanks to this game existing.

Yggdra Union - PSP - 2% i was expecting it to be like the other game i played in it's series but it's not... none of the games are the same.

Persona - PSP - 5% had i known it was a first person dungeon crawler i would have not bought it,  really did not enjoy what i tried to play.

Persona 2 - PSP - 10% Better then Person but still not terribly enjoyable.

Jeanne D'arc - PSP - i honestly can't remember if i played this at all.

Legend of Heroes II (1): Prophecy of the moonlight witch - PSP - 80% but the controls are so much worse then Trails in the sky it's even worse then Legend of Heroes I (2): tear of vermillion even though Vermillion is marked as the first in the series in north america when it's really the second.

Legend of Heroes III (3) : Song of the Ocean - PSP - 0% cause i want to beat 2/1 first... so i can at least stick to the North American order i guess?

Persona 3 FES - PS2 - specifically the Answer which i'm about 5% through

Makai Kingsom - PS2 - 25% but unfortuantely very bored.

La Pucelle Tactics - PS2 - 90% but i need to start over cause i trained a character i shouldn't have and now the characters i need are in an unwinable situation... so i'll only play this if PSN lets me play it on my Vita.

Final Fantasy XII - PS2 - 50%... yeah no screw this game and it's terrible save point placement.

Tales of Vesperia - Xbox 360 - 70% but i'm stuck and need to grind : ( 

And just cause i'm silly.

Ys Seven - PSP - cause Ys 7 is the only Ys game i haven't replayed.(except 4 but thats cause i just recently beat it... gotta give it time)

so yeah anything catch your eye that you think i really should give another shot or try and finish?
i probably wont but i can try.
only just over 30 titles... thats not as bad as i thought it was...

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