Thursday, 8 September 2016

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

So spirit of Justice released today, and  I am a huge Ace Attorney fan.... however I have had Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (Layton vs Wright) on my shelf for a few years now.

The game was really good, i enjoyed it.... but for whatever reason i didn't rush through it.

so with the announcement of the new game i wanted to beat this one... so i sat down and had a really good time.
Cause WOW this game is good.

While i feel the layton games as of late have been kind of lacking (a lot more puzzles that deal with mazes or sliding and a lot less logic puzzles) the AA series has been getting better and better... and it makes me a little sad that some mechanics will probably not be used in the new title.

still i'm skipping ahead.

One day a girl appears at Laytons office carrying a large tome called "Historica Labyrinthia" and she asks the puzzle professor for help... this in turn ends up getting himself and Luke pulled into a book.... eventually the same thing happens to our fav Ace Attorney and his psychic assistant.
While in this town of Labyrinthia they find out everything is controlled by a story and witches are feared. Even just being a witch is a crime punishiable by throwing them into a pit of fire.

Of course layton has been through many mysteries and works to figure out what makes the town tick... meanwhile phonix works to prove the innocence of those wrongfully accused of being witches.

The game is split almost 50/50 between the two styles. while in town you can gather clues and solve puzzles. While in the witches court it's a normal AA game with a few twists.  the biggest change is that all the witnesses take the stand at the same time... and can react to what others have said to open up further questioning. this is a feature i REALLY like and wish would happen in other games but i know probably wont.
Also the hint coins from the Layoton series can be used in court to give you that push if you are unsure which line to press or present evidence for.
I also like the item UI but again... not crying about the fact that it wont look like that in spirit of justice.

At first i felt like the game was way too simple.... but as the story progressed and got darker and frankly more heart breaking i became more and more invested... one of the trails actually had me crying really hard because it just kept doing one "that is not ok" moment after another... and there was just the feeling of "who gave you the right" as it was punctuated by the saddest rendition of the happiest song ever.... man it was good.

part of me is tempted to say this is my fav of both series........ but then i remember how much i love Godot and.... well i'll say if it's not number one it's probably tied.

I really hope (even though i know it's unlikely) that we get a Layton Vs Wright 2.... nothing would make me happier.

Granted the free DLC chapters you get after beating the game were so enjoyable... very meta but i just couldn't help but smile.
Also the bonus art of Layton in AA style and Phoenix in Layton style was priceless.... also old timey clothign Edgy and larry buttz.... things i didn't know i needed.

however now i can go onto to Spirit of justice with no regrets.... and i can hope maybe one day we get the sherlocke homes AA game cause WOW that looks fun~

one final note, i need to play more European translated games... it was so nice seeing things spelled properly~ a petty note but still it made me smile.

if you can find it get a physical copy of this game and show capcom we love physical copies!... i mean in the end i'm just happy to have the game but i like not filling my memory card this much lol.

in the end.... thank you level - 5 and capcom.... i know it probably wasn't the easiest thing to mesh these two games together... but you did it perfectly.

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