Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Morose Mononokean

I'm biased... but not in the way i'm normally biased.

First bias: i adore shows that are set in a modern setting but have some kind of supernatural element... that type of story is my jam.

Second bias: My all time fav show that i'm probably too obsessed with is Natsume Yuujinchou (aka Natsume's Book of Friends) and the two are similar as far as concept go so i can't help but compair the two (and while i still like this show a lot... it's not as good as natsume yuujinchou)

Third bias: i've read a chunk of the manga (which, like the show, is also available on Crunchyroll) so unlike Natsume i was never surprised by the stuff happening cause the anime never gets further then where i read to (even though i stopped reading when the anime was announced cause i like going into shows as blind as possible.

and while this isn't a bias... i am running a low grade fever right now so... if i don't make sense i apologize.

Anyways onto the ramble,

This was the perfect show to tide me over till oct 4th. (or 3rd? all depends on timezones i guess)

The Morose Mononokean is about a boy, Ashiya, who gets possessed by this fluffy yokai. having been unable to see them before this point he is rightly freaked out until he comes across a flyer advertising an exorcist.
the problem is he can't afford the exorcism. so after it's all done he begins to work as an assistant to pay off his debt.

it's a cute show with some lovely ideas and decent animation... it relies a bit heavily on CG for the yokai designs but it's never too distracting... i'm just not the biggest fan of CG in anime.

but in the end... it's just not as good as my fav show... and i know thats so unfair cause yes they are similar but they are also pretty different. but it's just... missing something...
however with no second season announced (the final episode is literally called the end) I think it's save for me to go back to reading the manga... i do expect a second season eventually since there is still so much of the story left untold (like why everyone seems interesting is Ashiya for his last name)

So yeah good show, enjoyed quite a bit.... but i can't help but be more excited for october.

next show to finish will be Orange... which i also read on crunchyroll till the anime was announced... and i again don't think the anime will surpass where iam (even with a double length episode)

then sometime after that Danganronpa (all the arcs) should end... you know when it stops being delayed.... and also 91 days is ending soon too so yeah... lots to ramble about before the fall madness begins.

if you want to watch this show you can see it all on Crunchyroll
if you want to read the manga that is there as well~ (but you have to be a subscriber)

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