Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I'm not entirely sure how to tackle this.

Servamp is about a boy who likes everything logical... one day he pics up a cat off the streets.... only the cat is actually a vampire and he accidentally forms a contract with it and now nothing is simple.

past that the story is also about the 7 servamps... one for each deadly sin... as well as a mysterious 8th that just wants to murder them all.

but despite all that world building there isn't much in the way of story... which is a little disappointing since i did like the show... at least to a point.

It almost feels like this was supposed to be longer but instead they tried to cram everything into 12 episodes and in the end you get nothing. no story, no character arc and probably the must rushed ending i have ever seen.

but i can't hate it, the characters are fun and their individual stories are all very good... i wish with it added up more to the bigger picture. i'm assuming the manga is better cause it would have more time on it's side....
however one of the more interesting aspects of the show are the visual metaphors done through camera/sound effects or alternate storytelling methods and i wonder if you lose that in the manga...  i just don't know with this one.

I liked it... but i can't recommend it unless you just want a pretty show to look at with interesting take on vampires... that just so happens to go nowhere and explain nothing... it doens't even explain why it's own rules do not seem to apply when it matters...

oh well. maybe they will make another season? no idea where they would go from here but it could happen.

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