Friday, 30 September 2016

Danganronpa 3: The end of Hope Peak High School

I was expecting the final episode to be delayed a bit more so... sorry this is so close to my 91 days ramble.

This is one show where i feel like i'm going to be explaining more about how it aired then what it's about so stay with me.

This show has 3 arcs.

Zetsubou-hen (aka Despair arc)
Mirai-hen (Future arc)
and a third one that you can figure out on your own.

Danganronpa is a vis novel series that plays much like ace attorney but with pink blood. this show takes place both before and after the games.... if you haven't played the games (including that one spin off that i personally haven't played but i don't think i missed too much) you are going to be a little confused.... but you could probably enjoy Despair arc on it's own.... thats just.... not the most fun arc to watch. i mean it's called despair arc.

However this anime is not like the game at all (which is kinda cool.... but also why it's going to be so damn hard to talk about) and i think it was incredibly smart for them to make a show instead of a game with all these concepts.

The coolest aspect of the show is the airing order. now anyone who knows me knows i love when shows are smart about how they air (one of my fav shows is melancholy of haruhi suzumiya which i think is up to 4 different airing orders and all of them are neat)... this show has the two arcs.... which alternated.

now a sane animation company would have done one a week.... no no no these guys decided to air the future arc on thursdays and despair arc on mondays.

essentially the show starts with the 13th episode, jumps back to episode 1 and alternates from there eventually ending on episode 12. each alternating episode feeds into the following episode in the opposing arc....
essentially if you watch the show like any other normal show you will miss out.
I hope.... i seriously hope funimation releases this as a single set with the default option being the airing order... the show doesn't really work otherwise.

now onto the show itself.
i loved it.
i LOVED it
that final episode really cemented in my head that this is my fav of the season.

will you love it if you haven't played the game? no.... but there is a simple solution to that.... get a Ps Vita ( i don't care what anyone says... i love mine as much as my 3ds) and then get the games... easy... problem solved.

But i truly loved this and i'm so curious to see how a third game could possibly fit in... i know lots of people are talking about it right now and i'm just trying to keep myself in the dark. i do think it's cool that the main character seems to be a girl... makoto and naegi were awesome but always nice to have another female main character.

oh... i'm about to end this and i haven't talked about what the show is about.... uh....
we..... despair is about everything that caused the first and second game to happen.... and future is the aftermath of those games.... i can't say much more cause wow spoilers. so yeah..... all i'll say is it's good...
and the ending had me sobbing. in a good way but still... i hate you spike chunsoft.... you hurt my heart.....

so yeah... play the games... watch the show in airing order.... now onto the fall season!

OH... i did want to talk about delays... the show had so many delays... please animation companies... if you wanna pull this shit of 2 episodes a week.... dont.... just do the standard one a week and alternate.... still so good though. 

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