Friday, 30 September 2016

91 days

This is a tale of revenge.

Those can really only end one way with a few variables... however it's a difficult show to describe without spoiling so... i'll keep this brief.

91 days is about a boy who has his family murdered in front of him and vowes revenge when he gets a letter detailing who was there at the massacre.

it's well animated (for the most part... i have a feeling the bluray for this will be very pretty and cleaned up) the music is good and the setting of prohibition america is always fun. it's also neat seeing japans take on that era....
however Count of monte cristo this is not... it's good... i liked it... but i feel like it was missing something.

also a little insulting that there is a clipshow ep in the middle of a 12 episode show but whatever...

i enjoyed it, probably one of the better shows this past season (and considering how many good shows there were thats saying something)

i think the only show i have left is Delayedronpa (it's funny cause... omg the amount of delays this show has had)
so yeah that'll come out eventually... for now i'm just waiting for crunchy to announce a certain 5th season.

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