Monday, 26 September 2016


This was the second anime where i was reading the manga right before it was announced that it was being animated... still ended up finishing the manga but oh well... still a good show.

If you could potentially change the past, would you?

That is the basic premise of the show. A group of friends carry regrets over not being able to stop their friend Kakeru from committing suicide 10 years prior. they decide to write letters to themselves ten years prior in the hopes that parallel worlds exist and that maybe they can save him in one. after that this group of friends work together to try and save their friend.

so suffice to say it's not the happiest show. lots of tugging at heartstrings and even some tears but overall i enjoyed it. The animation is very pretty... some bits even feel a bit rotoscoped but i think if they were they stopped doing it as much in the later episodes.

sure the concept of how the letters travel back in time is a bit hand-wavy and some things are not addressed in the way i felt they need to be (like the fact that this kid has some serious depression and should probably go see someone about it... i mean supportive friends are good but chemical imbalances are no joke) but overall it's a sweet show and i look forward to the movie (which i'm not sure if thats going to be an alternate retelling or a follow up... hopefully the latter cause i HATE alternate retellings.)

if you want to watch Orange it's all on crunchyroll
and if you want to read the manga that is also on crunchyroll. 

but the two are very similar so you have been warned there.
Also i just checking, it looks like the film is a POV shift that takes place after the anime ends so that should be a lot of fun... and crying... but thats ok.
alright... still have danganronpa to finish and 91 days and then feet first into fall 2016... i'm a little excited.

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