Monday, 19 September 2016

Sweetness & Lightning

why is this show only one cour? i want more.

This is an episodic show about a teacher who recently lost his wife and him learning how to raise he young daughter all by himself. The main focus is him learning how to cook.

Now before  isaw it i was worried it would go down the bunny drop route (aka super cute until it gets so creepy)
but this doesn't go that way... and thank goodness for that.
the show made me laugh, cry and most importantly it made me want to try some new recipes (i'm a good baker... cooking is not my strong suit... unless you like your proteins overcooked... then i'm the best cook ever)

I have a feeling there is a lot more in the manga (which like the show is on crunchyroll so yay!) so i'll definitely be reading that and hoping this gets another season... with it being episodic i just want more

it's a great show and i highly recommend, you can watch it over on crunchyroll

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