Sunday, 18 September 2016

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World

When this show first started (with a very long first episode) i was hesitant...
So many of these "being sucked into a game/game like world" stories suck.
However when the gimmick was introduced i was hooked and i knew it would be a good time.

The show follows Natsuki Subaru, a shut in nerd who gets transported to another world while on his way back from the convenience store.
it's never explained how or why this happens... it just happens.
anyways in the new world he has a chance encounter with a silver haired half elf, after spending the day with her things go horribly wrong and they both end up dying.
except in Subaru's case this seems to be more of a minor inconvenience then anything else... he opens his eyes and he's back at the time and place he started his adventure in this new world... like he reloded a safe file but with all his memories in tact.

so the goal is simple, make sure to get through the day without anyone dying... .which is a lot harder then it sounds.

Now i will say i hope there is a second season for this (it'll probably take a few years since currently i believe the anime is ahead of the novel) since there is so much left unexplained. (the nature of a certain character, why subaru was transported in the first place, what the selection process for the next ruler really entails) however if this is really all there is the ending isn't bad.... i'm just curious is all.

I will say there was one thing i didn't like... there is a chunk after the halfway point where the show is really hard to watch. I can't even begin to describe how close i was to dropping the show myself at that point. I will say push through it... it ends, it was a stupid thing for the creators to wallow in for as long as they do... but it does end and get better (in my opinion)

This show wont be for anyone... not everyone can get behind the gimmick and i understand that, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and would call it one of the better shows of spring/summer.

plus the art is very pretty
and the first ending song makes me so happy....

You can watch it all on Cruchyroll

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