Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cute High Earth Defence Club Love! Love!

this is the second season of the magical boy show.

the plot is....... really not needed... 5 magical boys fight monsters of the week with the power of love and baths.
The first season was really funny and the second one is just as good.... less Hiroshi Kamiya this time but oh well... the bits that he is there are pure perfection.

I loved this show... i hope we get a season 3 cause it's just so fun and goofy.

I don't think the first season was quite so... BL focused... however unlike other shows with BL it's not at all discreet about it... they love each other and i don't think anyone could argue that.

the focus is also less on the monsters and more on the reason why the monsters are being sent and i found that to be an interesting change.

One thing i didn't like? the first season dvds are stupid expensive (i'm talking 70 bucks for 4 episodes... which even in the early aughts i never saw it going that high) and i have a feeling Pony Canyon will pull that shit with this season too so no matter how much i WANT to buy this... i'm not going to be able to and that is just irritating. Cause i love this show and would like to support it.

but seriously season three better have more Kin-chan..... cause he is just too precious.

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