Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fire Emblem Fates: Hidden Truths and Heirs of Fate

I thought i was done writing about this particular games but apparently no.... i'm not.

first off i'll try not to spoil anything more then just the general concept of the story DLC.

Hidden Truths 1&2:
These chapters show how three characters made their way from a similar but different game... and the mission that only they know they are on.

It's good, it fills in some story bits which is kinda nice but of the two Story DLC packs it's very short.

Heirs of Fate:
So when i said I was just going to beat the story DLC and move onto the next game i thought i was only talking about Hidden Truths
Apparently for about 12 bucks i could get an additional 6 maps focusing on all the kids from this game.
and you know what? i'm kinda pissed that this isn't it's own game.... i would happily play another 18-27 chapters of these characters (because out of the entire cast the kids were always my favs)
HOWEVER.... i am a rational person and i can understand how releasing 4 games for a niche series could be more then a little daunting.
doesn't change the fact that i want it.
I want it soo badly.
granted if the next FE has a cast based on all the kids.... i'd be okay with that (unlikely since... well this dlc pack kinda fits that role already)

Anyways of the 4 storylines (yeah i'm just gunna count it as it's own game) this has got to be my favorite.
It connects all the continuities perfectly.
it has so much character and growth.
it's a perfect mix of challenge and length.
and even if you have perma-death off (like i do cause man that is stressful) it rewards to heavily for beating the chapters without losing anyone.
in fact the first time i beat the final chapter i lost a few and that ending was so like "well it's done goodbye"
so replaying it and desperately keeping everyone alive brought me back to the perma-death thrill... and the ending was 100% worth it (i cried... not that it's hard to get me to cry.)

the only thing is this DLC pretty much spoils everything (though it's ending for revelations is different so i guess it doesn't spoil that?) so you kinda sorta have to play it after everything... including hidden truths.
unless you don't mind spoilers and like being thrown into the fray then ignore me and play away.

but yeah thanks to this DLC.... this may be my fav fire emblem... granted it's something i hadn't really thought of before (cause i liked all of them pretty much equally) but there was just so much content and story and music (also the music at the end of this DLC story.... makes me want to buy the entire soundtrack even though it's like... 8 disks and 80 bucks) and i really did connect with a lot of these characters.

Thank you nintendo for bringing over such a nice version of this game... and a nice new 3ds that i didn't need but bought anyways cause i am made of weakness.

Now i am actualyl done with this... time to take it out of the 3ds and play the next thing... which is going to be a little sad... but hey hopefully with how successful this one was we'll get another FE soon! i can hope right?

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