Monday, 15 August 2016

Fire Emblem Revelations

*big sigh* i have been putting this off for a while... i love fire emblem so much that i never realyl wanted it to end.

and it's not completely over for me, i still have some of the DLC story missions to play.... and truth be told... i haven't beaten Radiant Dawn for the wii (cause it's really hard)

but still... i really enjoyed this game.

Much like the other two campaigns instead of choosing a side you decide to try and unite everyone. At first results are mixed but over time you get everyone to see things your way and work towards a brighter future.

Where birthright has very straightforward maps and Conquest has a lot of gimmicks Revelations is a bit of a mix.
Almost every (if not every) map has some kind of gimmick. a Wind that'll push you to a new platform, moving platforms, melting snow, moving characters to get a better sight line. nothing that makes the game harder... you just have to be a little more willing to explore everywhere.

Out of the three, without question this has the best story. Conquest still has the more interesting plot (since it's neat playing the game from the perspective of the potential bad guy) but revelations has the most in the way of character arcs and making everything feel satisfactory.

I will say this... considering pretty much every character from both games is recruitable... the cast is a little too big. like... i would have been happier if the entire cast (for all three games) was just completely cut in half... so that Revelations wouldn't be such a monster.
I did get all the kids and in fact by the end that's who i ended up using the most... but getting all the kids was part of the reason i put down the game for so long... i had already done those missions the first time i played and after a while i do just wanna get on with the plot.

that being said, despite the long break between beating Conquest and beating this i don't think i ever burned out... other games came out and i used them as an excuse to make this one last longer.
However i can tell i'm in the minority.... you really have to love fire emblem to be able to happily put in then 115ish hours i put in... if that sounds like too much then i say get conquest, then get birthright and then when you are up to it get revelations... i do think it's important to play all three but maybe not right after each other.

Still i had fun, and now i have some Story DLC to beat~

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