Wednesday, 3 August 2016


my... everything hurts..

It's so nice to see Key/Visual arts back in top heart breaking form.
I was worried...
I felt they peaked with Clannad... a show that i am so glad i got to watch both as a teenager and an adult.
Angel beats was not terribly good.
Little busters was pretty bland...
and charlotte made me so mad i nearly dropped the show near the end....
hell i can't even watch rewrite cause it just seems so stupid.

But this was good.
Really good.
Right up there with Clannad
i just wish it was longer.
I want more of this.

So... Planetarian is about a Robot in a post apocalyptic world who runs a planetarium, and the man who stumbles upon her while trying to restock on supplies.
Despite the 29 year delay between customers she still refuses to believe that the world has ended and continues to do her job.

if you hear this concept and worry it goes in a chobits-y direction, it doesn't.... but it will break your heart.

I just want to stress that in the first 18 min episode (the 5 episodes are all different lengths) we get more character and world building then all 44 mins of rewrite. there is only a smidgen of exposition and it works perfectly in the world.

you can (and should) watch all 5 episodes over on funimation
i think it's supposed to be like a movie... because the episodes seamlessly fit together, and i do hope one day to own it no matter what forms it is in.

The animation is stunning, the music with really good and the story may end up being one of my favs this season...

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