Tuesday, 2 August 2016

House of Five Leaves

so about a year ago i was working on a film and during my lunch i tried to de-stress by watching anime i had never seen. there was a site, i don't even remember the name of unfortunately that has House of Five leaves Legally. i had seen commercials through NISA boxsets so i was curious... but i also knew i didn't necessarily want to buy it.
Anyways i got through 8 episodes and the show ended and i kinda forgot about it... until Crunchyroll announced they were losing their license on the 5th for this series.

I didn't know it was on crunchy but i knew i could marathon the last 4 episodes pretty quickly.

after finishing it i didn't know exactly what to write.... and now that 24 hours have passed i'm still not entirely sure.
The show has a killer soundtrack that perfectly fits the mood and animation like nothing i've ever seen before and nothing about the show is bad....
but at the same time nothing about the show is amazing either.
I'm glad i saw it, i enjoyed watching it... but i have a feeling years down the road i don't think there will be any part of this show that sticks with me.

I'm sad that crunchyroll is losing the license (but that does happen) because i would love to tell others to experience this kind of show, so all i will say is if you get the chance to watch it legally then you should... it may not be your cup of tea but it may resonate with you more then you expect... it's just one of those inexplicable shows.

the Basic plot is simple though, a Ronin comes to Edo and after a chance encounter he meets up with Yaichi and gets roped into a gang known as the five leaves... think a robin hood type gang... just with a lot more kidnapping.

It's a good show... not great... but not bad... see it if you can.

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