Friday, 1 November 2013

Completed: Ace Attorney 5

aka: Ace Attorney: Phoenix wright: Dual Destinies

i never claim to be unbiased, it's why i don't consider myself a reviewer...
so just picture someone squealing and fangirling with delight at every reference, every solved puzzle, every bit of music and that is an accurate representation of how much i enjoyed this game.

so yeah.... i liked it... if you like the other games or visual novel type games then get it... cause it's fun... well at least i think so
i know a few people who don't like this series cause it's a lot of "rub everything on everyone until something works" (especially in Ace Attorney 1) and yeah it can be a lot of that... but i like the story and characters and music enough to just go through it.
by the 5th game you kinda get used to how the game thinks...
unfortunately the game does sorta expect that... so yeah i got some nice surprises in this one.

but it;s not the first time the game had made me regret my thought immediately.
in one game i said "hm... the thrill isn't there cause i keep defending people i know are not guilty... kinda wish i didn't know or maybe even had a guilty defendant"
then... i got my wish.
in ace attorney 4 i foolishly said "i like apollo's ability... but i mist physche locks"
then i had black psyche locks thrown in my face and immediately "no... screw that... i take it back... i lied!"
without spoiling anythign for this one all i'll say is there were two characters i hoped to see (maybe they are in the DLC?) that never showed up.
but... i have a new fav prosecutor so that's fun.

i should... talk abotu the game?
it's a 3ds e-shop only Ace attorney game rendered in full 3d (i hate having the 3d slider on but the 3d in this is really well done... probably the bets i have ever seen AND it game me a use for that kid icarus stand that i never used)

has old and new character from the series (i would say you can probably play this as a stand alone but you will get more out of knowing the other games)

it is probably one of the most cohesive games in the series... most of the time a case will have a small connection to other cases to have a bit of a thread but honestly all the cases here are kinda one big case... which i really enjoyed

the controls are the same (though there is only a few pieces of evidence you can examine in 3d and that was my fav part of some of the old games... also there are no luminol or figerprint sections (though there could have been) and while other are probably going "good those parts sucked" i liked them so... haaaannnnnnnnnnnnnngh (according to the game thats a sigh...)

there is a nice mix of megatama, apollo's bracelet and athena's hearing and while i really enjoyed athena's ability at first the lack of punishment for picking the wrong thing made the consequence for being wrong pretty minimal and so i didn't mind guessing on a hunch.
also did they take away pheonix' punishment for pestering people with the megatama? that kinda surprised me cause it made the game a bit easier. i also never ended up i na situation when i had to leave and come back with evidence.

the whole game is streamlined a bit more so if you were ever stuck you could look at the notes and it'll tell you what you need to do... in theory... i never got stuck cause again... very streamlined... the game only lets you investigate at certain times and tells you outright when there is nothing new to search. there never a question of "okay now what?" so yeah... it's good but it takes away from some of the challenge (or as normal people word it 'frustration')

apparently the typos are worse
i'm a terrible speller so... it didn't bug me (i did notice a few though)

i do miss the old voices... the new voices are fine... i just.... they aren't the same.

the story is fantastic, no chapter feels like it doesn't belong (though the yokai one drags on a little... and i wasn't a fan of the cosmic one but for reasons that are not the fault of the game) the new characters are all distinctive, the old characters make me smile cause it had been a long time since we've seen some of them (pearl, edgy, even phoenix)

but again
i'm biased
i love this series
i wanna shout that is this Game of the year from the top of my lungs (but i know thats probably only true for me)
so again, if you like the old games then you need to get this (cause if it does well maybe we'll see investigations 2 or Phoenix wright vs Prof. layton)
if you can't stand the old ones... well this probably wont make you a fan but it does take a lot of the BS out and doesn't resort to rub everything one everyone... cause it outright tells you what to rub on people.
but yeah if it's not your thing i understand.

NOW.... i get to wait for the dlc chapter... cause i don't want to wait forever for another game to be localized.
from the looks of it the only DLC are the costumes (free till nov 7th (?) ) and the one extra case but considering the game is still pretty new (6 months?) in japan who knows.. we may get more... for now though i have a fever to get rid of, a commission to finish and shiny pokemon to hunt...

and fan art to draw cause i really love this series....

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