Friday, 22 November 2013

First Impressions: Zelda: A link between worlds

time to disclose my personal Bias.
I am not a big fan of zelda games.... but let me clarify.
I suck at zelda games, despite having played a handful of them i have never beaten a zelda game.... cause i'm terrible at them.
I love the music, the designs and the story.... just for a long time Action RPGs and me did not get along at all.

out of the previous zelda games my favs have been Majoras mask and Wind waker.
Majoras mask cause i really like how dark and spooky it got and i loved the time travel ability and Wind waker cause the music is probably the best it's been in the entire series and it's probably the furthest i had gotten in a zelda game (but i was renting it so i never got to beat it)

So what changed?
Ys... i found an action rpg i really enjoyed and now i enjoy a lot of them.
i still suck... but hey.... i have never claimed to be good at video games.

so my first impression of this game?
WOW thats a lot of nostalgia.
nothing wrong with that but it seems like pretty much everything is going to make die hard fans giggle with glee... from obvious things like the sikilarities between the opening of the game to more subtle things like the map pretty much being the same.

the 3d is good, i'm not playing with it on just cause i really dislike 3d in general. i will say that if you leave it on the start screen for a bit a 'animated' cut scene type thing played and the 3d in that is pretty painful... but other then that the rest is fairly well done.

i ADORE how the items are being handled in this game... i'm sure it'll be very expensive later on as i die a crapton but so far i really like being able to have every weapon at your disposal for a fee right off the bat.

the music is... it's good but it's missing something... like some songs are lovely and really add to the atmophere but other times it's almost like it's trying to downplay itself so you don't notice it? i don't know how to describe it but i wish some songs had a bit more of a punch to them.

the bosses are pretty easy (so far) but i'm sure the challenge will build as we get into the second round of 'collect all the things to save the world'

i'm hoping this will be the first zelda game i beat... that would put a chapter of being terrible at zelda behind me (i'll still be terrible... just less terrible)

otherwise i would say you should go pick it up, it's for the 3ds and is really quite fun. maybe one day i'll draw some fanart for it too (though much like the games i've never finished a sketch of anything zelda related... but i haven't tried in over 5 years so who knows... maybe i can now)

also Surprise of haruhi suzumiya just arrived and so i should be done that soon... hopefully before tuesday....

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