Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dropped: Beyond the Boundry

or as i call it: Spectacle over substance.

In my first impressions of this show i said... actually i said a lot.... hm..... read it all here but my point was
"yeah... okay... that's nice... why do i care?
we are now 6 episodes in and i find myself asking once again. "why do i care"

the world this show sets up is that there are essentially 3 types of beings.
Youmu - monsters that roam the earth and are killed (though not all are evil though we don't know why they aren't killed anyways....)
Spirit world hunter - the aforementioned youmu killers... they just do this... we don't have a reason for it... maybe to stop people from getting eaten? though there's been no evidence that youmu attack normal people.
Humans - can't interact with youmu or spirit world magic stuff at all.

so we have our main characters, mostly spirit world hunters and one half youmu/half spirit world hunter.

then they go to school and do things...
the main character comments on his glasses fetish.... the other guy comments on his little sister fetish.... they converse at length about which fetish is better while the 'bespectacled beauty' and real life little sister glare and comment on how perverted the two are.

the girl in glasses constantly mentions how "unpleasant" things are and is both completely oblivious to how she holds herself around others and hyper conscious about the stares she receives. she also fights with her blood so she ends up hungry after battles and she is apparently disliked by others spirit world warriors.... though only cause she tells us this... not because we ever actually see them do anything to show their dislike.

the real life little sister has a little pet youmu, no idea why or how but honestly... don't care.

the most interesting part of the entire show so far was also the point that made me the most angry.
the megane yells at the main guy about how he couldn't possibly know her pain.
as her blood rains down after a nasty fight it acts like acid to the area around her, it shows that she is alone and probably always will be.
then the main guy gets injured to the point of near death but lucky for him he's a immortal (which takes away any fear of him dying but still) well... he's only technically immortal... he's not able to die but if his body is pushed to a certain point his youmu blood takes over and he destroys everything around him till he is brought back to his senses. again we see that not only can he know her pain but he hates himself much more the she realises. we get a hint that maybe these two perpetually alone people can possibly be friends.

so what do they follow this up with?
lots and lots of fanservice

so let me get this straight... instead of telling us more about the world... about how youmu came to be and why they are fought... about how the megane's bloodline became 'cursed' or about anything else that we may care about.... instead we get pandering episodes where nothing is furthered but it's moe so who cares?
i care...
i wanted to like this show
but it's so damn BORING

after i watched it i went to my friend and said "i expected good things but wow how boring" and he replied with.
"you can't possibly know that by only one episode..."
so my reply is
"it's 6 episodes now... and I'm more bored then i was at first"

maybe i just need to avoid Kyo-ani titles...
while this one doesn't look as much like K-on as some other titles it still has the same feel of bouncy bubbly nothing is happening moe crap.
and I'm tired of it.

though the show isn't all bad... the intro and ending songs are pretty... and look like quite a bit of money went into animating them... but they portray this interesting and epic looking show and it's just completely lacking in plot, character or anything even remotely interesting enough to have me continue watching.
now... the midpoint of a series tends to be the most tedious part... this show could get better and cut it would with all the moe fluff crap.
i guess i wont find out unless someone tells me "just watch this episode... it makes up for the rest"
but i'm not holding my breath.

you can make you own opinion and watch it over on Crunchyroll for free

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