Saturday, 2 November 2013

rambling time (about pokemon)

*been hunting for shiny pokemon on and off for days with no luck* i don't get it... how can i get pokerus every single game and yet NEVER have bumped into a non-scripted shiny... *sighs*

whatever... the game hates me... moving on.

1. i'm a bit bummed about the wonder trade glitchy mystery egg pokemon... hope a patch gets rleased for that soon.

2. i really love the ending credits to this game... i know i beat it a while back but still... i find myself thinking about how it pulled one hell of a crazy stunt.

3. i wish more games would attempt something like this but maybe it's just not possible.

so... rambling time.

1.  so with one glitch fixed we are introduced to a new glitch thanks to hack pokemon... if this means the wonder trade system gets turned off completely then i'll be one of many muttering "this is why we can't have nice things"
i though wonder trade was the best thing the franchise has ever come up with... any time i caught something that was neat but i figured i'd never use i'd trade it.... and get a zigzagoon... though not all the time... thanks to wonder trade i got all the starter pokemon available... i got an eevee early on and i even got some of my fav pokemon like ponyta and vulpix thanks to it. while if you go to GTS people are asking ridiculous things or things that aren't even available in the game yet (and wont be available till pokemon bank is a thing.)
so yeah... i hope they either find a way to get rid of glicthed pokemon eggs or something cause i really like this feature...

2. i've been quite vocal about my love for soul silver... technically it's Crystal thats my fav game but this is in the same family so it counts in my books... but oddly enough my fav part of gold/silver/crystal/heart/soul is the eding credits...
that song... i just love it
so when the song played in X i was... disappointed... it was kinda blah...
until the lyrics (and i am assuming they are lyrics cause they go perfectly with the melody) showed up in both french and english (hey two languages i know!... okay i know it's cause the game is based off france) and then every language you could pick for the game showed up.... and it reminded me that this game was released everywhere at the same time (barring the whole time difference thing)... it wasn't like before when japan would have the game for a few months before we got it... and europe or australia would get it even later... everyone got it within a day of each other.
this left everyone in the same boat... we all knew as much or as little as everyone else... there was a sense of wonder as we explored the world and came across new things that made us go "what is that?"
and that reminded me of playing the game for the first time... when i first picked up the game it was all new... i wasn't allowed on the computer so i couldn't just look things up... i had to explore and figure things out on my own... if i really got stuck i had to ask my friends on how to progress (which most of the time had them asking why my team was full of such worthless pokemon since i valued cute over everything else... and still do...) so even though within a few days most of the stuff was known and able to be looked up it was still nice to have that sense of discovery that has been missing (in my person opinion/experience) from the latest pokemon games.
how many games can get away with that?
how many games can be targeted at such a large age range but make us all feel the same (cause lets be honest.... this game probably sold more to my age range then it did to kids)
and then to end the entire game with the word it choses to end on (no not Fin)... i dunno maybe it was cause i had been playing late into the night but i actually felt a little emotional when i saw the word Kiseki.
it's the only word at the end that isn't accompanied by another language but it's meaning is clear. "miracle"
granted i will admit that the first thing into my head was "well sora no kiseki second chapter will be released soon..." but thats just my inner snark... i really was moved because while i think miracle is overstating it just a little i do think what this game tried (and in my opinion succeeded) to accomplish is truly incredible... we live in an age when things can and are spoiled before they are even released yet just a few days ago a few pokemon were found hinding in the code... events maybe?

3. i would love to see some other game try this "release it the same day everywhere with as little leaked info as possible".... but i know it's unlikely... if not impossible.. still i love that they managed it...

i will continue my shiny hunting til the DLC for ace attorney is released.... then back to that... but i do want to say that i really enjoyed pokemon x and what it set out to do (or at least what i think it set out to do... maybe i'm just reading too much into things again... as always~)

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