Friday, 29 November 2013

Completed: Ys 4: Memories in Celceta

or as i call it: Celceta

Bias: I love Ys and i love this game.... so.... yeah... if you own a vita buy it
if you don't own a vita and like ys do what i did and buy a vita and Ys....

Thats right... i love Ys enough i consider it a system seller
I am Officially a Falcom Fangirl... i will not be giving an unbiased opinion because i am not capable of it (and you know what.... i don't think anyone really is)

ok so... Story time (i have bolded the point where story time ends):

A while back (over a year i think?) My friend, who knows i like falcom (but maybe at the time didn't realize how much) was like "oh hey, i'm gunna preorder Ys Foliage ocean in celceta (Yes thats it's japanese title) it's the 25th anniversary so it should be full of goodies... too bad it wont come out in english for a while... if at all.... i would lend it to you but you don't own a vita"
all the meanwhile i'm sobbing in my corner.
Okay so he wasn't that mean about it but still... i was super jealous since there was a risk that we may not get it... the Vita has not done too well in North America and Ys is a niche title.

so time passed, occasionally he's send me link to songs from the game and one was Ancient Lore....

and my immediate reaction was "shut up, take my money"... i immediately bought the soundtrack.

then shortly after Xseed announced they would be localizing the game.
now looking at the past the Falcom games almost always come with CDs cause Falcom music is really really good.
so i knew i was probably gunna end up with duplicate songs... (also cause i own Ys 3(normal and super arrange), origin, 1&2 DS version, 7, trails in the sky and.... i think thats it... so yeah... i knew i would have multiples of the same song)
still for a long time there was no mention of a special edition... and i was a little worried cause... well i knew i now had to go buy a vita... and i wanted to buy it for more then just a game... i wanted goodies too~

so i waited...
and waited...
and then said screw it... i know the game store near me may not order many unless they get preorders so i went in and preordered the standard edition
then i waited and hoped for an announcement of a special edition
and eventually that wish came true as well.
3 cds? a cloth map, journal and compass?
it needed to be mine.
but then i had to wait for the preorder to be available in canada...
i swear i mus have been driving the game store near me nuts cause any time i went by it was like "can i preorder now?"
and the response was "what's ease? it's not said Whys?" [ok no but i swear if i went in anymore they would have started trying that shit]

so i get the preorder switched.... and then i had to wait for a release date.

Waiting is so hard... btu no choice.

so the day comes... and no preorder call... i wait.... but then my patience wares thin... i've had them forget to call so i called and asked if it was delayed at all.
"oh, it should be here by the afternoon, latest tomorrow morning, i'll call you right when we get it"
i say thank you and take a deep breath... i can wait just a little long-- *phone rings* "it's here" and then i run out the door.

so i get the game, i get the system and i proceed to not play it... first i do this
cause... i'm girly and red is my fav colour so.... girly red vita... it's only natural.
then i charge it
then i play with some of the extra optoins just to see how they all work
THEN i start to play.

and it was glorious~


Ys Celceta, from what i understand, is a remake of both versions of ys 4... Falcom has a history of complicated chronology but this is one of the oddest, Two games are called Ys IV
Ys IV: The Dawn of ys (hudson soft)
Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (tonkin house)

Dawn of Ys was about Adol leaving Minea and looking for the land Celceta overseas
Mask of the Sun is also about adol leaving minea but this time cause he gets a message in a bottle from Celceta askign for help.

and thast all i can get from Wikipedia... i can gather from this game that it pulls more from Mask but changes some things.
this game however doesn't start like that at all.

Adol, Delirious and confused wanders the street, he barely has strength to move... and he can't even remember who he is.
a character who claims to know him is amazed that he managed to leave the forest unharmed since no one had done it before.
of course he is surprised when adol has no idea what he is talking about...
worried that the red headed adventurer would wind up dead he sticks around for a while just to help him get his bearings.... and eventualyl Adol starts getting memories back... but the overall picture seems more complicated then everyone originally thought out.

The game play is like 7 and Alternative saga.
normal attack is square, guard is triangle, Circle is switch character and X is dodge.
you hold R and any of those button to do a special move and L to do a super special move.
where is matches alternative saga is that Adol can talk... you can pick his dialogue options.... if i reply i'll probably go pure snark but this time i played the way i thought adol would respond.
the game is face paced and fun and while the story isn't completely unpredictable it's got it's nice share of plot twists.... and again... the music is some of the best this series has seen... which i didn't think was posible cause 7 and 3 were easily my fav game soundtracks of all time for a while.
also i think this is the first time i've ever beaten a game without ever seeing the game over screen.... i did play this on Normal so it's not that great a feat overall but for me it's an accomplishment.

The good:
i'm a fangirl so everything.... really pretty, really fun and i never wanted to throw the thing i was playign it on [unlike a certain other action rpg i finished playing recently]

The not so good:
the framerate can drop pretty low in some places... it didn't bug me cause it only happened in towns  but if i'm being objective then i guess i should point it out.

the bad:
something not good...
something.... something.... well i was pretty sure i did everything but i'm still missing a bit of map info... and an artifact... and i think that last memory didn't count as my last memory.... maybe it's in a quest? i did all the ones i could find aside from 2.... i probably will play on nightmare now [cause i'm crazy] and do all that but yeah.... *just checked* okay so i did get all the memories... i need to play a bit more to see if i got the full map

oh i can think of something not good... there is a newgame plus... i wish i had more options for it (like you do in 3)

otherwise the game is really really fun (remember, i'm biased) and i look forward to playing it again while i wait for persona 4 golden to arrive
i guess i could also play the walking dead that came with the system... but i think Ys is more fun.
though i wanna replay 7 now cause of [spoilers]
i would wanan replay 6 but i didn't like it much and still dont own it...
and i do seriously hope that falcom remakes ys 5 cause i know next to nothing about it 9and hope to keep it that way)

so yeah... i'm gunna go back to playing it.... try and get all those trophies [maybe.... probably not]


  1. Nice post; I laughed quite a bit too :D (And that music you posted is really good! I want my Anniversary Edition now T_T )
    And who cares if you're biased, as long as you openly say it I think it's actually a good thing to have something that you like so much :D

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you how long is the game, because if you've already finished it, it means either that one playthrough is not so long as I imagined, or that you've been pretty busy with it :P

    1. according to my save file i spent 26:51:54 to beat the game, i have reopened the file before i beat the final boss to finish the map and find all the treasure and finish the last few quests... my guess is that if you try to speed through the game you can beat it in 15-20 hours but if you want to do everything it's probably closer to 40... so yeah i've been pretty busy with it.
      i hope your anniversary edition arrives soon!

    2. Oh, 20-40 hours are not bad at all. It will keep me busy for a while I suppose :D
      Thank you! Fortunately I still have Ys Chronicles & Oath in Felghana to complete, but still, I look forward to have it *_*

    3. sounds like you have a lot of fun games on your plate!

    4. Actually, too many of 'em :-P Or I don't have enough time. Or maybe both of them *sigh* T_T