Saturday, 16 November 2013

not sure what i think about this: Golden time

7 episodes in and i'm conflicted about golden time.

on one hand the Tada Banri and his character dynamic with everyone else despite his recent amnesia is an interesting idea...
on the other hand Kaga Koko is freakishly clingy to the point of being a stalker who makes shit up to fit into her 'life plan' which must be perfect.
and.... the story (again only halfway through) seems to be siding iwth kaga since she is really sincere about her feelings she just takes them too far.

but i'm sorry this girl is borderline psychotic.... and i really hope by the end he ends up with someone else... but i doubt that'll happen....
and i mean this is done by the same person who made torodora which was very sweet and sincere... but this show makes me wonder if their idea on 'what is love' has changed to this twisted version...

cause yeah... stalking you childhood friend to go to the same school as him - not romantic
pesterting him with emails and wanting to be in every class and club he's in - not romantic
being a bully to the girl he actually likes - not romantic
rufusing a confession so that you can confess yourself cause thats how you planned it - not romantic

at the same time.
confessing and getting rejected and handling it okay - yay
the next day being all pissy that she still treats you as a friend and continues to mention the boy she likes - boo
i mean... you knew going in she likes someone else.... why is this a surprise.

i dunno... i do like this show... but i really hope he ends up with linda (and i know he wont) cause kaga is just a little too crazy

i just needed to say this somewhere... cause yeah... she's not cute, sweet or romantic.... she is crazy... there is a difference.

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