Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Aventures in Dinner

I don't normally 'blog' about food cause... well i'm probably one of the pickiest eaters out there... i almost never go out and get food cause even if i like what it is... if it has MSG in it i'm ill for days... it's just too risky.

still my little brother LOVES fast food, more specifically he loves when coupons are sent in the mail for deals on fast food and will hound us constantly till we cave and take him to try whatever deal they are promoting.

this time it was for a chicken place that isn't terribly well known and therefor we had never gone there.
so we arrive and there are about 8 other people there, all carbon copies of each other... it was a little surreal.

so we 'wait' but there no marker of "this is the line" and everyone seems confused.
we realize the reason for the wait is that most of the time there was only one cashier at the front and she constantly had to go to the back leaving the front empty. and after about 5-10 minutes we decided maybe it's just best to stick with a restaurant you know cause this little chain obviously just doesn't have it's shit together.
so were about to drive away and we see a pizza place in the same area... the lights are on but no one is inside... but it said they were open... when we opened the door they all rushed in from around the corner and gladly made our pizza.
my brother at this point was pretty bummed that he wasn't getting chicken but at least we were having a dinner we don't tend to have.
it was supposed to take 15 mins but t ended up being closer to 30 cause the order after us was a little complex and the machine was having a hard time with it but in the end the pizza was good and worth the wait...

but still i'll take home made food over fast food crap any day of the week...
oh well... now i just get to wait for the surprise of haruhi suzumiya to arrive... hopefully tomorrow... but who knows....

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