Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Adventures in gaming

or at least adventure in buying games.

so i buy a lot of games.
some are for me... some are for my brother... either way the people at the game store tend to know me... hell i went to school with a few of them.
today my brother remembered that Call of Duty came out today. i tried to remind him he got battlefield 4 last week but he didn't care cause that was then and this is now.
so i figured... yeah he can afford it and he had beaten battlefield already... with that we went to the store.
now my brother is high functioning non verbal autistic.... he can speak but theres never any communication... it's more him just telling us what he wants or quoting movies. he's more then a little memorable... so when the clerk saw him enter he grabbed call of duty off the shelf and asked "this is what you want right?" and that made me chuckle.

now, i know in these type of game stores they are supposed to ask you certain things before going through the transaction...
this was a little brutal.
"which console?" - okay yeah i'm fine with this cause how are they supposed to know
"we actually have the super special edition with a seasons pass availble... do you want that?"
"thank you for the offer but he doesn't play multiplayer (mostly cause we dont want him repeating stuff he hears on it) so it would probably be better for someone who enjoys that to buy it"
"what about COD t-shirt, iphone cases, or cap?"
at this point i'm gettign a little annoyed.
"no no just the game is fine"
"you sure?"
"okay how about the guarentee"
"he'll most likely beat it in a day or two and never play it again so we don't need the guarentee"
"you sure? it's only a few dollars"
"want to preorder any new games?"
"i'm good but thank you for asking"
"and you sure you just want the standard edition of the game"
now at this point i'm thinking "yes but i kinda wanna get it from a different store now" but i didn't say that i simply held out the debit card and finally managed to pay for the game.

i get it... you work on a commission system where depending on how much extra crap you sell it reflects on your stats... i know this but theres a point when you start driving customers away.  now that being sad the cashier was nice and i'm sure had there been anyone else in the store waiting to pay i wouldn't have gotten every single question possible and maybe i was just a little in a rush cause i felt like i was going to keel over from sick.... but yeah... thats my adventure
when ys celceta comes out and i have to also buy the psvita i'm sure that'll be a fun day as well (ignores how much thats all gunna cost her)


  1. That's another reason to buy from Amazon or VGP - they actually want you to be satisfied. For commercial reasons, of course, but who cares about that :D

    1. the few times i have used amazon (never even heard of VGP, may i ask what it is?) i have really liked the quality of service but i hate paying for shipping (cause i'm cheap >< )

    2. Well yeah, paying for shipping kinda sucks, but it should be free for orders of $25 or more (usually, if you buy a game, you never pay shipping fees).
      VGP stands for videogameplus.ca; I don't know if it as good as Amazon but it shouldn't be bad - and it's great for EU people who want to import stuff (e.g. the Ys Silver Anniversary Edition) :D

    3. hm i will have to check out this site, looks pretty neat.
      and yeah the Ys silver edition should be pretty nice... i wish we had a set in stone release date... guess we just have to be patient. (i'm not a terribly patient person...)

    4. I think I understand you :P Though, living in Europe, I'm quite excited I'll be able to get it at all XD

  2. Oh, and by the way, you called for it - Ys Celceta officially confirmed for November 26/27, yay :D

    1. i know when i saw xseed tweet that earlier all i could think was "wow that's good timing.... yay official release date!"
      I have heard how it can be difficult to get games released in europe but at least the vita is being region free can allow the option to import (though i know that can get rather expensive)