Monday, 25 November 2013

Completed: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

This is a pretty big deal for me... I've never beaten a Zelda game before...
so yeah... first time for everything right?

also don't worry i wont spoil anything (though if you have played a Zelda game before... you know the gist of the story)

SO.... where to begin?
this game has great music (though some songs are kinda just... okay... all the remixes are lovely though)
the mechanic of merging into the wall is really fun and creative.
this game is very quick paced with lots to explore and collect.
there are a ton of mini games...
*sighs* okay I'm going to need context for what I'm about to say.

Zelda is unquestionably a fun game, it is a really good game as far as everything is concerned.
um... it just doesn't really click with me.
and looking back... it never has.
i never grew up with it (my first one was OOT and i would have been 8 or 9?) so i don't have that nostalgia factor...

in every Zelda game I've played I've enjoy the world and story but loathed the experience... for whatever reason i don't have fun when i play it. i get really stressed and worked up and when i fail to do something multiple times in a row it starts feeling more cheap then my just being shitty at Zelda.

this game had two moments like that for me... one was cause I'm not patient and any time i have to walk on thin beams i am not happy. icy thin beams that break under you and you have to use fire while standing on and they melt with fire.... yeah... also not happy.
the second time was in the final dungeon, theres a segment were you have to transfer something while using the hookshot to navigate... problem is the thing your transporting also can catch on the hookshot... and you have one of those stupid hand things chasing you so when i tried to get to cover more then once i would catch the thing (despite it being behind me) and i would get sent back to the start of the area and have to try to navigate the thing from the beginning.

when i told my friend how i finally realise I'm just not a fan of the game he wondered how i was able to play Ys since it's 'way harder'
and i didn't have to think too long to give my response. "i have fun when i play Ys"
yes... some bosses *coughchestercough* are stupid difficult and make me want to throw whatever system I'm playing it on but even then... i still find it fun.

now I'm not saying Zelda isn't fun... Zelda is a lot of fun if you like that type of game play.. .apparently i just don't. and hey, I've admitted many times that i have strange taste so it's probably a good sign that I'm not a fan? though saying I'm not a fan sounds like i didn't like the game.. .and i did like it.... just... *sighs*

okay lets try this.
If you like any of the other Zelda games you will love this one
if you like Link to the past it has a lot of nods to that game and plays similarly. (kinda)
if the games have never caught your interest i doubt that this one will change your mind.

oh well.. I know if anyone i know in real life sees this there will be questionings and possibly an intervention followed by forcing me to play all of the Zelda games. I just can't help when something doesn't resonate with me.

okay time to go read the legend of Zelda manga while listening to someone lets play one of the older ones (cause i really like the story and music of the game... just not my cup of tea otherwise)

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