Thursday, 24 October 2013

First impressions: Ace attorney: dual destinies

*does her best to hold back her inner fangirl*
I have been waiting a while for a new Ace attorney game.

I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea (and seems to be minimizing the most fun part [the courtroom] for the past few years) but whenever i lend it to people i try and tell them to at least get to the second game cause as much as i love the first one due to the lack of game mechanics in the searching part of the game (aka lack of psyche locks  ect.) i can see it being a bit of a drag.

or even worse when you know the solution but you can't present it yet cause of game logic... but then later the solution is clear to the characters but you the player is lost... yeah that shit can get frustrating. i get it...

but i still love it.

the music, the story, hell i even love the game play (but i'm the type of person who enjoys thinking "what does the game want me to think here?")
some cases are better then others
but it's so satisfying when you breeze through a case without having to consult a walk-through (i have on a few occasions to be honest... but mostly cause i couldn't figure out how to progress OR in one cause i just couldn't find the guys tell... and i though i had looked everywhere.)

would it be better as jus ta show instead of a game?
probably... or at least i can see it working like this as well as it works as a game...
i just really like the puzzles.

so what do i think of the new one.

i am disappointed it's not a physical release... but i understand this was probably the only way for us to get it... i just learned that the SD card that comes with the 3ds is pretty small and if they do this for any of the other AA games i',m going ot have to buy a new one cause this is pretty much full. (which is sad cause now i only have one other thing on it, luigi's dream team)

at first i was going to say that this game shows that 3d applications are best used in 2d art to add layers... i'f always felt this but this is one of the best examples of it i've seen....
but then i played more... and i have to change my stance a little
this is the only game i have ever seen that looks better in 3d.
you know how hard it is for me to say that?
i HATE 3d
i avoid playing in 3d on principle
but this game looks really really good... normally you lose some detail with the 3d slider but because the screen goes a little darker everything pops a little more and things like the text really crisp up. it's really subtle too so i'm not having too much trouble with ghosting. hell i think i may dig out my kis icarus stand cause it would make it even easier to keep it in the sweet spot and this isn't a quick reaction game like kid icarus

just picture my squealing like a fan girl...
the music is amazing
i love how it's more cinematic
the character modles look great
the voice acting (when it's there) is pretty kick ass.
just really well done.

Rated M for mature.
at first i was like "well.. .thats kinda silly" but it has opened up more possibilities for certain types of humor and a bit less cartoony violence so you know what? i love that they did this.  it just feels less targeted for children
though still... kinda silly.

and thats my firs impressions... i love it... go buy it! it's only in the e-shop for around 30 dollars.

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