Thursday, 17 October 2013

Completed: Pokemon X

well... i've beaten the elite four... and done a few post game things... so not completely done but done enough where i can voice my opinion.

now i have been a fan of the pokemon games for a while.
The reason i ended up with a handheld system was cause i saw pikachu on the yellow box art and my grandparents noticed and bought it for me behind my back... i get in the car and my grandpa goes. "can you hand me something in that bag?" and little (littler)  me reached in and pulled out the game and handheld and just stared.

to date i have played: Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, ruby, sapphire, Black and soul silver.
I also own White 2... i didn't end up beating it.

(only counting core game... obvuiously)
so what did i think of X considering that white 2 actually made me annoyed.

I really enjoyed it.... but it's not 'perfect'

what problems i have with it i've had with the series for a long time now.

i'm not going to describe plot, you know it... you pick pokemon... go one adventure.

so lets just jump right in.

The Excellent:
it took almost 20 years... but we FINALLY have some customization.
i didn't think i'd care about this as much as i did... but yeah... i love it. The ONLY thing that could make it better is if there was a way to make your own clothing or have more customizable options instead of waiting for the next day to come.
The pokemon as all very nicely rendered and other then something i'll mention in a bit the dynamic angles are neat.
omg i can walk in all 8 directions... only took them almost 20 years... maybe in another decade or two we'll get voice acting (for more then just pikachu)
I love that this game was released at the sameish time everywhere... that to me is pretty damn cool cause it meant i was exploring it the same way i did as a kid... knowing nothing and not being able to (or want to) rely on the internet. it added the wonder back to the series which was something i have been missing for a long time.

The good:
the game is well paced... in white 2 i kept getting annoyed that every time i wanted to go to where i thought was the next area i would just find it blocked off cause i hadn't done one of the stupid pointless addons... i never felt like i was being blocked from progression without it being deserved.... though i was worried when half the big city was cut off by a powerout but from a game mechanic system i understand why they had to do that.
the world feels more alive then it has in the past, many times you bump into one of the other 4 kids from your town and they'll run around or ahead of you and they feel like more a part of the world compaired to the 'good old days' of Gary oak just barging in from off screen and me wondering "how did you get here first?"

i wasn't too keen on pokemon aime at first but i grew to like the rewards from it, your pokemon turn there head to look at you and you can pet them after battle by rubbing the screen... just too cute.

The not so good:
i'm surpsied by this considering it was made as a first party game (kinda? the whole game freak/nintendo/pokemon company thing confuses me) the 3d in pokemon x is terrible.
not as bad as SMTIV but pretty damn close... it hurts to have it on... granted 3/4 of the game doesn't even give you the option to have it on... but yeah what little is there just doesn't look nice and it destroys the already pretty bad framerate.

The bad:
Swarms, i thought it was such a good idea but two things make it fail.
1. there are not enough "hit multiple target moves" which makes it a little tedious.
2. it kills the framerate, one time near end game i had a swarm of the three ghost pokemon and i swear my game was about to crash.

Easy... i can't complain too much cause the game is 'made for kids' but lets me honest... it's also made for people in my age range who now have disposable income. still i played the game with the rule (from nuzlocke) that if they fainted i couldn't use them anymore.... and i made it to gym 7 with no loses.
that being said when i lost my fav i said screw the rules i'm too close to the end to lose him.
but yeah everyone wants to give you stuff, EXP share is a little broken (i almost hit the cap at one point which would have made the gym battle interestign with everyone loafing around) getting the event torchic is a little broken (but i love it~) and some opponents seems to always pick the option that will have me win even if they have me on the ropes.

i've mentioned it already but the framerate can be a bit distracting... though honestly i only worried the one time cause i hadn't saved in a while... speaking of saving.

The 'Game breaking':
i never experienced this but apparently if you save in the big city in the middle of the map there is a chance that you will experience a glitch and the game will freeze.
i guess something like this can be expected from such a huge release.... but still hopefully they can do something to fix it. i'm not sure though if they can just 'patch' it... guess we'll find out.

all in all... i really really REALLY had fun.
like... as much fun as i had when i played Soul silver (which is probably my fav right next to crystal). I wish they would bring back the pokemon following you thing but i understadn why they didn't... still i loved that.
if you haven' picked it up yet and like pokemon then give it a shot. if you aren't a fan of the series i can't see this converting you.

now to get all my babies from the other games... come here celebi and shiny suicune (guess which Generation is my fav.... you'll never get it! *sarcasm*)

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