Sunday, 6 October 2013

completed: Wedding Peach

and wedding peach DX

so... some people may have heard of a little show called "Sailor moon" that was decently popular in the 90s.
well would you believe that people would try and copy that idea?
hm... but they can't be fighting in a sailor outfit cause... well thats already done...
and we don't want the costumes too different cause we want them to look like a team.
why the answer is so simple!
but not just any wedding dresses... wedding dresses that change into coloured armor and miniskirts.
why have them change into the wedding dresses at all if they are just going to change again?
pad the run time?

in all seriousness and despite my better judgement there is something i like about this show.
it's pretty terrible
the morals are REALLY outdated.
the character designs share.... similarities to other shows (though moreso cause i think there were a few people who worked on both) 
but still... it's goofy and fun and does some things better then what it's 'ripping off'

and i'm not saying wedding peach is a rip off... but you can see where they got their inspiration.

So... our stories follows Momo (ha ha get it.. cause momo is the japanese word for peach!) a girl in middle school (more on this later) who is part of the newspaper club with her friends Yuri and Hinagiku.
they all 'love' the same guy, the captain of the soccer team and perma sparkle vision Yanagiba.
they constantly bicker and figth over who gets to win his affects despite the fact that the captain seems quite clueless to any and all advances.
Yosuke, the soccer teams goalie constantly teases them about this and in particularly harsh on momo... but it's all in good fun.
one day she walks home and it attacked by a demon that thinks she possesses a magical item and while she's being attacked she awakens as Wedding peach (cause.... cause her name is peach,,, see it's funny cause... never mind)
so wedding peach is a *snickers* "love angel" who is tasked with purifying demons with the power of love and friendship as well as finding the "Saint something 4" to save the angel world
shortly after yuri and hinagiku end up being angels as well... how neat that they all ended up there together with the same interest...
anyways the Saint something 4 are based on the wedding cliche of something old, new, borrowed and blue... so i guess thats our wedding connection?
also along the way the girls fall in love (for realz the time) thye find out theres more to the people around them then they realized and the find a 4th angel who barely gets any screen time.
they work together to defeat the evil demon raindevila and it's essentially a monster of the week show.

The good:
the girls very rarely need help, sometimes a angel comes down to help them but in 50 or so episodes i think it happens maybe 10-15 times which is better then sailor moons track record of every single damn episode (nothing against tuxedo mask... i'm just saying it's nice that they can fight on their own...)
when the guy is there to 'save the day' they never rely on him or expect him to do the rest of the work... they will just as quickly risk themselves to save him.
the fact that no one can recognize them is explained better then "they just can't"... it's a stupid explination but hey... it's explained.
all the girl, not just the main girl, get a love interest and a special magical item... the main girl gets the strongest one but thats kinda expected.
the main girl doesn't get the 'main' love interest (she does btu you dont kno he's the main till much further in.)the girls have their personalities and despite the age being a little off there are constant jokes that would easily go over a younger kids head.

The not so good:
the morals are TERRIBLE.
most of them dream of being a perfect wife and not much else despite the fact that momo is an accomplished photographer, hinagiku will inherit a flower shop and yuri will probably become a designer to help her mom.
it's extremely 90s and has not aged well at all.
the transformation sequence (at least for the first series... not so much dx) is surprisingly long and sometimes is shown more then once. someone obviously didn't have enough plot to fill the time.

The terrible:
The voice acting in both languages is atrocious... they did get perfect voice matches for the japanese characters but still it's like nails on a chalkboard.
if you are sensitive to flashing imagery DO NOT WATCH WEDDING PEACH DX
the entire intro is flashing, the attack sequences get more flashy as well...

the only difference in DX is that they have different (and more boring) outfits and a ton more fanservice... it's 4 episodes and just ends with no real point

but yeah despite the amount of dumb.... i like this show... call it a guilty pleasure... i wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you wanted a good giggle.
but seriously do not watch the ova if you are sensitive...

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