Thursday, 10 October 2013

First Impressions: Fall 2013

the new season has finally started and i play to watch one episode (or at least as much as i can stand of one episode) of every full length show i can get my hands on.

I did also watch Diabolik Lovers but considering i wrote a fairly long rant on it i'm not going to talk abotu it here... also it's only 15 mins long so it doens't fit under 'full length.'

First off...

Beyond the Boundary
Aka Kyoukai no Kanata
this is the new show from Kyo Ani and is based on a  novel.

Now i've mentioned many time that my favorite type of stories are real life scenarios with supernatural elements... all of my favorite shows share this similarity. So a story about a girl who uses her blood to fight 'Youmu' bumping into a half human half youmu immortal and their day to day life should be right up my alley right?

To clarify... i was really looking forward to this show, out of all the ones listed for fall this one looked like the best original series.... i sure hope thats not the case cause i really didn't like this.
the animation is pretty but it feel like it's more spectacle over substance, in this first episode we are given a huge exposition dump and kept in the dark about details which just ends with me saying "yeah... okay... that's nice... why do i care?"

Also, and i'm getting tired of saying this but i miss when KyoAni shows looked different from each other... now they all look like high production k-on clones. the hands are freakishly small, everything bubbles and bounces like gravity is less on this planet and it's just so damn cutesy... the main guy stops the girl from jumping off the roof cause she's too cute a megane to die... the girl trips over everything to a ridiculous level... she gets flustered at the slightest thing but again... i don't care so it just comes off as silly.

I... i just felt like some things could be shown instead of "well my clan isn't well liked"
um... okay... show that to me... show another clan interacting with you with disdain and i would have gotten the picture. outright saying it is boring and i would expect better from something based on a novel. so yeah... just found this action heavy show incredibly boring... maybe it'll pick up? i doubt i'll find out... i have a feeling this show just isn't my cup of tea.... despite that on paper it is exactly the type of show i enjoy.

Kill La Kill
Everyone is excited for this show cause it's the same person who did gurren lagaan
i didn't like gurren lagaan... it gave me panic attacks (though to be fair, the story, music and characters in GL are amazing... i just hated the last little bit)
so i go into this with trepidation.
first impression: not a fan of the art... the art is lovely and well animated... i just don't like how it looks.  so yeah this show is probably really good... but it's not something i like.. .sorry.

not going to watch infinite stratos 2 cause i haven't seen 1

Golden time
I end up going into most shows blind... knowing nothing about the plot, production or even genre... this is one of those shows i know less then nothing about. based on art i expected something with fanservice. looks like it's actually a slice of life typoe show with comedy elements about a guy going through university for law.
it reminds me of Toradora
and after a quick search on My anime list it reminds me of toradora cause it's the same original creator.... i honestly expected the shows to have nothing to do with each other.
considering how much i enjoyed toradora i figure this show will be really good and the first episode was promising

Nagi no Asukara
the world they've set up so far seem pretty interesting but i have a feeling it'll fall into me "wtf am i watching" category of shows.
still it's very pretty.
right now i don't know what i think but i am intrigued... guess i have to give this one a bit more time.

I couldn't become a hero, so i reluctantly decided to get a job instead.
in the first scene a girl with incredibly impractical armor has her chest piece blown off.... i'm not sure if this is social commentary on how stupid the designs can be for girls or if they just wanted her to jiggle more...
i'm assuming it's the latter reason cause of their choice of camera angles...
so these heros are out of a job cause the demon lord was defeated... so now they have to work normal jobs.
but it's funny cause they suck at it... and the one girl is busty and has no self awareness so she's constantly allowing the camera to film her from compromising positions to allow for the most fanservice.
i've said it before, if a show has to rely on fanservice it's probably not very good cause it can't stand on it's own. this is especially true for comedy shows since comedy is easily one of the most difficult things to write. 
however the fanservice isn't where this showlast me...
no the starship enterprise is where this show lost me.
i'm sorry but customer or not if you flip up someones shirt and grab there ass that is sexual harassment and something you get banned from entering a store for... not "well it's okay cause he buys something"
this show is pretty terrible, it's not funny, the animation/character design is terrible and it only focuses on the fanservice (which looks strange cause breasts don't move like that)
i have a feeling it was trying to be like Maoyu which took the fantasy setting and turned it on it's head but yeah it misses everything that made that show passable.
ALSO enough with the stupid long titles.

Strike the blood
Again, i go into most of these shows completely blind.
So when this started out with a vampire i was a little worried. I find vampires, especially as of late, to be kinda silly... but still i want to give it a changce cause the animation is pretty and so far it seems interesting.
now going back to stupid long title anime for a second... a girl gets her skirt flipped and nothing else happens.
in this a girl gets her skirt flipped and she proceeds to kick all sorts of ass.
that is the difference between relying on fanservice and having plot relevant fanservice... it's still fanservice but it doens't feel nearly as pandering. does it need to be there? not really... does it make me scoff that it is there? not at all.
otherwise i really like the world this show sets up... again i'm a sucker for supernatural stuff in everyday life, i think i'll probably look forward to this show. it could change considering i'm not a fan of vampires but for now... yeah it's pretty good.

Log Horizon
please let this be better then Sword art online
please let this remain as social comentary
please don't let this degrade into fanservice moe rape bait.
please.... i can't do that again.

So why the comparison to SAO?
well... it's another anime about people being trapped in a game and unable to log out but the situation seems... different.
for one we know a lot less about the circumstance. People installed a new expansion and suddenly ended up in the game.
for another we do not know the rules... we don't know if death in the game means death in real life. we can see that character see/feel like their character (so when one character who was playing a boy was actually a girl she got a potion to change her form in order to be more comforatble. the main guys character is a few inches taller so he's not used to the body ect.)
and apparently food/water tastes bland and they can actually feel pain.
also the world of elder tale seems loosly based off japan (or maybe it's based off the entire worlds geography and we are just seeing japan.. again we don't know)
while not quite as dramatic as the scene were al lthe players are told thye are trapped in SAO it does seem to have a more realistic reactions from the people as they slowly come to realize their fate and also realize how little the know.
i assume we'll find out how to get out of the game, i'm curious as to what type of game it was cause unlike SAO i dont think it had a visor... it's almost like it was just a nromal computer mmo... again i know nothing.
so yeah here's hoping it's good.
or at least better then SAO

Kuroko's Basketball 2
just imagine me giggling happily with delight that we finally have another season of this show.

seriously though... i'm someone who hates sports anime and this is easily one of my all time fav shows. really good.

Little Busters! Refrain
do... do i have to?
last season... last season hurt... the whole magical narcolepsy was just a bit too much for me to take... the preview for this season seemed much darker but still.. if this doesn't get more interesting soon i wont stick with it...

and yeah i know i don't have to watch it but i am curious...

White  album 2 i wont watch cause i haven't seen the first one... however if i get a chance to see the first one who knows... i may enjoy it... the promotional art for it has been very pretty.
wait... it's not a sequel? but... but it has a 2 at the end.
it's based on the second game of a series?
well... don't call it white album 2... makes it confusing for us that know nothing about the game
that all being said this show seems pretty cute so i think i'll keep watching.

Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! -Rising-
back in high school anime club we watched a little Ippo, from whatever i remember (just realizing thats pretty far back) i did enjoy it... it is still a 'sport' anime but it was interesting enough.
i'm sure this show will be really good... dunno if i'll stick with it... we'll see.  all depends on how accessible it is to someone who hasn't watched all of the original series.

Ace of the Diamond
okay... so i'll say it again... not a fan of sports anime... the only reason i started watchign Kuroko's basketball went it came out was because i used to play basketball and it looked fun and i ended up loving it.
i don't like baseball.
i don't like it at all.
so i go into this with a bit of trepidation.
well the animations good... but the characters... i'm just not a fan of the jerkface idiot who gets the best opportunities handed to them... kuroko's basketball is interestign cause he sucks at the game... despite being the generation of miracles 6th man... he works hard despite his physical limitations.
this guy seems to work hard but still things come to him pretty easy.
i' mno hating it yet but i don't know if i'll stick past another episode or two... it's just not my thing.

Wanna be the strongest in the world
after 10 seconds i turned it off.
according to MAL it's a show about a pop idol turned pro wrestler...
but after 10 seconds i can tell this is just a blatant excuse to have close up crotch shots...pass

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
i remember being a little bored with season one so hopefully stuff picks up... if it's more of the same then i'll probably give up on it. however after one ep i'm still not sure so i gues i gotta give it a few more... if you liked the first season you'll probably enjoy this.

me before watching: It's... it's not fair.
I.... i really like guys in glasses... and i know this is blatant pandering fanservice just like free was.
but i have a feeling no matter how terrible this show ends up being... i'll keep watching... cause i' ma sucker...
alrigth lets see what happens.

First off: wow thats an.... 'interesting' use of colour.
Second: wtf am i watching? this is.... not what i expected.

so they are trying to make glasses that see through womens clothing?
oh wait it's just a dream?
and they all fawn over the club president?
and they hate people with decent eyesight.
wow they managed to make me dislike guys in glasses.
i didn't think it could be done but congrats
well that aside - animation is terrible, plot - non-existant, characters annoying... even if i watched the whole thing i wouldn't know their name., music.... oh god the music... to the person who made the music for this show, please never make music again.
so yeah... i think i can safely this is one of the worst shows i've ever seen.  it's full of blatant pandering fanservice as expected and just seems pointless... so i guess i wont even watch out of morbid curiosity...
all i'll say is at least free had a plot... a stupid plot but still... better then nothing.

Walkure Romanze
another sport anime? this time for jousting...
well the animation is pretty nice despite the amount of CG... some of he armour seems impracticale but others look pretty much spot on... it does seem like there will be a focus on fanservice (i mean why else have girls joust/swordfight in short skirts.) in the end it's just not my thing.

Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods
i'm hoping this is good... lets see.
so far it's adorable, a girl who lost her mother very young is the only one able to communicate with her shrines herald spirit Gintaro.
the animation is very pretty an even though it seems like it'll be pretty slow and laid back it looks like it'll be fun.

Outbreak company
An anime focusing on otaku.... who is sent to another world
um... well.. .thats....
i didn't hate it
but i don't know if i'll last much longer...

Basketball, boxing, jousting and baseball just isn't enough sport for one season.
so now we have bicycling
now... i do not enjoy bicycles... at all... so lets see how an anime focusing on is...
*blinks* wait... is that character voice by Junichiro suwabe?
but.... i shouldn't be able to tell that... i'm voice blind to him....
... *checks*
no... it's not.... but he is in this...
damnit one day i'll be able to figure out it's him...

oh right the show..
um.. it's not terrible... doesn't really catch my interest either... maybe if theres nothing else i'll watch it? (most of the shows i seem to be into are on the weened after all)

Arpeggio of blue steel
is... is this all cg?
to be fair it's one of the better full cg things i've ever seen...
that being said it still looks... off. like the characters are moving just a hair too slow... and the way things move doesn't looks right.
it may be good... i am not enjoying it though.

Non non Biyori
oh... look
just gunna say... thats not what kids look like... the proportions are wrong.
otherwise pass

My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy
. . .
stupid long title aside...
how about no
i'm gunna go with no...

Samurai Flamenco
finally getting to the end of this... there were an insanr amount of titles this fall.
now normally i don't like superhero stories... but this one is kinda.. .charming... and to tell the truth i was expecting to hate it cause the preview was downright terrible... but, at least in the start, it seems to be more about the type of person who walks around the street in a superhero getup that i assume will eventually transform into fighting real monsters... or maybe it'll just stick to the way it is... i don't know.
either way it was kinda cute, well animated with decent music.

Galilei Donna
finally the last show... wonderful.. this had gone on long enough.
wow another show with a lot of Cg, not as much as Arpeggio... but still a bit much for my taste.
i do really like that ass the ships kinda have fish features.. i just enjoy designs like that..
and cg aside the animation is pretty nice.
wait... that... that voice... it sounds like... evil natsume? *check MAL* not up yet... *googles* he plays Cicinho... so if thats this characters name then i'm right... and i have to go slam my head into a wall for a bit...
why can i pick him out so damn easily but Juichiro suwabe, who by the way is in EVERYTHING, i can't even remotely notice... also now all i hear is evil italian natsume... it also means i'm probably going to end up watchign this show cause... well i don't hate it and i really like his voice...

 wow that was a lot of shows.... and a lot i plan to stick with...

at least 11 shows i plan to stick with and an aditional 3-5  i'm givign a few more episodes...

should be an interesting season.

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