Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tales of Phantasia

Not a completed, not a really a review... just me rambling about the past.
okay we good?

a while back Timewalk Games Announced that they were doing a complete in box set of Tales of Phantasia.
normally i don't buy repo carts cause... well lets just say they are a little pricy for my taste
but when my friend told me they had done thise particular game i was torn.

Back when i was young i wasn't much of a gamer, i was never allowed on the computer and only had an hour a day i could spend on the tv in general... otherwise i was forced to play in this land known as "outside"
so when we moved a few things changed.
I started buying my own gaming systems, i was no longer in a situation where it was frowned upon if i did things that weren't girly (i also lived across from a game store).
i bought my own computer.
and i made friends who loved games.

one friend introduced me to this game.
and i did everything in it.
got all the magic, all the summon, everyone (except chester) to max level, got all the secrets, went to every special area and yeah just did everything i possibly could.
to this day i have never so thoroughly completed a jrpg (well... maybe crono cross but i didn't get max level in that)

to this day, this is one of my favorite games.
so i had to.... i needed to own the repo cart
(quick and crappy pictures so... yeah)
look how pretty it is.

the instruction booklet has the english names in it (cress, mint, clause, arche, chester) but i will always be partial to Cless, Mint, Klarth, Arche and Chester... i know it's such a small change but it's what i'm used to... the english is probably more correct (though i have the anime... and they sound like the way i'm used to *stubborn*)
oh and the poster is double sided!
hm.... what would look nice with all this Tales of stuff.
yeah.... like i said i'm a bit of a fan... and if they made a big Cless figure i'd be all over that too

look how pretty all this ToP stuff is... also i miss that bg (it was an old couch but it worked well)

but yeah i love how this is all packaged and the game plays perfectly (though i wish i had an older tv, feels odd playing on a flatscreen)

so yeah, time walk games... a dangerous place for wallets but i think it's worth it...
but that could just be my love of the game showing

oh... and the ending for the game made me cry, first time that ever happened... not the last though...

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