Friday, 4 May 2012

Quartz Wings -From Start to Finish-

This is my first Painting that I did on my own time and not for any kind of homework.
Three years ago had you told me I would be painting for fun or because I liked it I would laugh at you.

Anyways this came about because it had been about a week since classes ended and i felt like drawing due to stress and just needing an outlet and some alone time. so i did this and came up with these lines.
So it's 9x12 on 140lb cold press paper. India ink for the lines and watercolour for all the colour.
and yeah i think working with such an analogous colour scheme broke something in my head cause i put A LOT of colour into this one.

but in the end it was a lot of fun.
so yeah it didn't take too long to complete... maybe 3-5 hours? i dd find out rather quickly that i just like the feel of Hot pressed paper more but i have..... 4 pads of cold press paper of varying sizes and i plan to use them all cause i'm not about to waste all that money.

so yeah... currently working on a 5x7 piece again just for fun.... but i have a busy few days ahead of me so it may not be done right away despite the small size.

alright..... you can see this on Deviant Art
or purchase it from Red Bubble

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