Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Completed: Project Diva Extend

by completed i mean i've played every song.. yeah it's cheating but you don't really ever complete Rhythm games... especially not ones like p.diva.

First some things to note.
This is an import game that i bought at a convention for the PSP.... you can get import games cause PSP games do not have a region lock.

This game focuses on Vocaloid which, from what i understand but i could be wrong, is a program that was developed to simulate singing. There are many characters and i swear every time i look away for a month or two another 5 pop up.. granted they tend to be from a range of companies but still...

This is the third game for the psp but not the third game of the series... it's more an expansion on two.... which i don't own... i do own 1 though so i will be comparing the two.

and finally as i mentioned before it's a rhythm game which sued to only use the 4 main buttons but now uses both sides of the psp.

hm.... i think going by category would work well.

Now it's a game that's played mostly for the song so what is going on in the background doesn't really matter however the game does give you the option to just watch the music videos without playing the game and you can tell that a lot of work went into some of these PVs. otherwise graphics are nice but not really pushing the system.

Song Selection
It has time limit, just be friends, disappearance and that freaky one with the girl in the Kimono.... not to mention a few from P.diva 1 that i really like.... so yeah overall i like the song selection here.... would have liked to see worlds end dance hall or matryoshika but hey.... can't get too picky. 
there are too many slower songs for my taste but i know the game needs a balance so that's just a personal thing.

From outfits to items to bedroom sets to accessories there is a lot to unlock... in fact you only get 4 songs to start off.... once you pass one you get another until the list is full.... and until you beat everything on normal your can't play hard and same thing for hard to extreme so yeah lots to do an collect however
in p.diva 1 you had to hit a certain criteria for getting certain costumes.... but that was it.... in this the criteria is pretty easy BUT you have to then go into the in game shop with points you've amassed from playing and buy the outfit you earned.... not sure which i like better... maybe a mix of both?

yeah this one is way harder then p.diva 1... in p.diva 2 they added a step that involves hitting the arrow and face keys at the same time.... it took me a while to get used to it but it's pretty second nature now.... except when they throw a bunch at me.... it also added hold buttons which adds a bit of a challenge.  they also added extreme so yeah... just all around more difficult but also more fun.... just.... you have to get a really good mark to even pass the song (i think it's over 80%) and sometimes... it's just tricky.... even if you've done the song really well it doesn't screw around.

Ease of play. 
The menu, the song titles (most of them) hell even the costumes all share 1 thing in common... it's all in japanese... this means it's tricky to navigate HOWEVER i managed without looking at any translations so it's not too hard.... hardest part is switching your brain to understanding circle is accept and X is cancel.... which i know verbal makes sense but considering north America has it reversed.... it messes with your head.... but still as logn as you can get to the song list your fine so in that regard really easy to pick up and play

I like it.... it's fun and addictive and a good way to pass time... just need to get better at extreme songs.... cause yeah they are just a bit too hard while hard is a bit too easy....

BUT i warn you.... the game isn't cheap.... 70+shipping (everything in japan is insanely expensive but that's a talk for another time) so yeah either look for a place that sells import games (some places are even willing to order them for you to save the cost of shipping) or wait till p.diva 3 comes out and this one will drop in price.

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