Saturday, 5 May 2012

Little Devil -From Start to Finish-

i was a little more restrained with this one.... it's the smallest thing i've ever painted at 5x7
honestly I know it sounds small but i really love this smaller size.... i'm going against everything every painting teacher i had told me.... but i don't care
oh and it's hot pressed paper with india ink and watercolour~ just gettign all the technical stuff out of the way.

also Long time since i've done Meriel
i don't know why i made her a little older but i did cause.... really i just waited to paint
i also had this one sketched as i waited for my last painting to dry so yeah... lots of art in a small time.... Honestly i'm not completely happy with the face but these back poses are always fun to draw

and like i said earlier i didn't go so colour crazy this time... i even used black even though it's something i almost never do... anyways
i may still darken things up a bit... black is a touchy colour to work with in watercolour especially since i added quite a bit of pink to it
hmmm mayb i'll do a companion piece to this one of Vincent.... her angel counterpart.... who knows.... only time will tell who i paint next... or inspiration...

This can be seen on Deviant art
This is also being sold at Red Bubble

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