Monday, 21 May 2012

Completed: House

I will state a few things right away.
i was not always a fan... i would catch an ep here and there and laugh at all of Houses silly antics but i've only seen the past 2 or 3 seasons solidly.... i got into it right as everyone else left because they were sick of the formulaic plot.

But even though you knew that some point in the last 10 mins... hell last 5 mins he will have the side story cause an epiphany to help him diagnose his main case it was really fun getting to that point.

the show was more of a guilty pleasure then anything else cause it was a lot of fun.

Tonight was the two hour season finale... the first hour was a featurette about how the show was made and the actors and all the people who don't normally get seen on camera... yeah it doesn't show the Hurry up and wait that is the film/television industry but it shows the fun times... which anyone who has worked in drama of any kind knows that the fun/funny/random stuff is really all you remember.

the second hour was the final episode which was pretty good and had a really interesting ending, is it my fav ep of house that i've seen? probably not... but i felt that it was a good ending... things happen that needed to happen to help redeem this character who for the past 8 years has been an insufferable jerk...

so yeah i guess i'm saying I liked it.... it was fun.... and now it's over...

no more being erica (yeah i know it ended a long time ago i still really liked it) ... no more house.... what will fill my monday night viewings..... hm.... maybe Natsume yuujinchou season 5 has been announced for fall? i guess that's probably a little too hopeful

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