Thursday, 31 May 2012

Completed: Ys: The Arc of Napishtim (aka Ys 6)

so this means i've played all the Ys games that have north American releases---- what's that... Ys Origin was release today on steam for 20 bucks? hm.....

20 bucks later....

the worst part? we ran out of bandwidth today so i can't install this till tomorrow.... oh well... at least it's the end of the month.

ah but we aren't here to talk about Origin.... we're here to talk about Ys 6.

Once again you play Adol Christian aka Adol the red who just has the worst luck of any person on a boat.... it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll start the game unconscious on a beach having survived some sort of ship wreck ... Also you know if Adol is on your island a few things are going to happen.
  1. he will be the chosen one.... some prophecies will even refer to him by name
  2. he will go around collecting various mcguffins to help him progress.
  3. will at some point fight a god/somethign with the same amount of power as a god
  4. if something external controls how magic works in the world.... he'll probably destroy it at some point.... hopefully at the end cause magic is way too useful in these games. 
  5. no matter how much chemestry he has with the local girl he will continue on his journey after and never think about them again. 
yeah i think that covers everything and yeah i pretty much just spoiled every Ys game BUT it's not my fault! you don't really play this game for story.... i mean the story is alwasy good enough but lets be honest.... we play Ys games.... hell Falcom games for the music... oh and the combat system (except 1&2... that system was odd) 

so this game has the same engine as Ys 3 oath in felghana but came out a few years before ys3... whatever it feels like a buggy ys3.... the platforming is not the best.... your lucky if Adol jumps at all... and if he does jump your lucky if it's going to register the landing.... and heaven forbid you need to do a long jump.... i was lucky because there one long jump that i did on the first try to get the pretty much best item in the game.... but yeah the jumping aspect to the game sucks..... also the recovery time... there isn't really much but you are stunned for a second after being hit so some enemies can hit you 3 times before you can get away.
also the game is really open.... too open in fact.... the only thing it does to let you know your in the wrong area is throw monsters that take over half your health in a single hit... but that's every ys game so i'm kind of used to that.
these games are Action RPGs and they are hard... half the time if your taking too much damage the answer is level up or make sure you have the best equipment possible.... there tends to only be 5-7 pieces of each equip in any Ys game so that's kind of nice

it's a ps2 game and it's not easy to find but if you can i suggest checking it out... and all the other ys games (all but 4 and 5 have been released.... and the mmo)
but yeah i'm going to go listen to some J.D.K (falcoms house band and the reason Ys has such great music.) while i wait for tomorrow to come so i don't ahve to worry about bandwidth anymore....

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