Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Completed: 3 seasons of Sgt. Frog

well i finished the other two seasons a long time ago but i wasn't writing these back then....
so i'll do a quick summary of all three seasons and hopefully it wont take too long .

Aliens crash land on earth hell bent on taking over the planet.... can't even take over the house they crashed into.... hilarity ensues.

yeah that's..... pretty much it.

Okay a quick note.
I watched this show with English dub... why? because it's the only way to get some of the jokes... i know quite a bit of Japanese cultural references but still most of the stuff would go right over my head.... so for comedy anime i make a point to watch it in English first then later watch it as it's meant to be seen.

however i have listened to a few episodes in japanese and i can say the main differences

1. English Version has a narrator, from the episode i saw the japanese doesn't... just those subtitles that pop out to deliver some jokes.

2. those subtitles i just mentioned are changed in the english version to make sense to an english speaking audience.... one scene has almost the entire screen covered in writing but the subtitle just says "a lot of crap" i think this kind of stuff adds to the humor.

3. the english voice cast is almost identical sounding to the japanese cast except Keroro who has a much more gravelly voice in the original version.

again i will watch it all in japanese i'll probably do a versus so all i'll say for now is it was fun.... but i have so much more to go and i don't know is Funimation is releasing anymore...it just finished last year at 358 episodes over 7 seasons.  (in japan it's 7 seasons.... FUNimation is sellign it like 26 eps is a season so.... yeah.... way more seasons in english)
and i just finished episode 78... oh boy..

well since i don't have much to say from here.... STORY TIME~

back in high school my friends were really into this series (in manga form cause it took YEARS to finally get to dvd) and for some reason they decided to attach a frog to members of our group of friends...
So the one who likes the show the most was Keroro, soon followed by our friend who was a bit of a techy being Kululu, our friend whom we deemed was a ninja both in past and present life was Dororo... the other girl in the group was Tamama cause he's so cute... despite the dual personalities.... and I was given the title of Giroro... the angry red one who enjoys nothing more then fighting... he also likes cats, cooking and has to deal with unrequited love.
Yeah i think it was more of a slam then anything but Giroro fits into my personality frighteningly well (other then the fighting.... i'm too lazy to fight) and he's my fav colour so it was a bonus.... and even though i wasn't into the show before that but i gave it a shot and yeah it was a fun time. I'm normally not into comedy anime but this one has a charm probably because of my friends including me into this group of frogs lol.

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