Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Soft Melody -from start to finish-

Last time i was in my local art supply store i was looking for coloured inks and i came across Metallic watercolour paint.... i thought why not since it may be nice as an experimentation kind of thing or it may help achieve a look that other watercolours cant... so this piece is mostly me trying different things with that paint... mainly how it acts on it's own and how it acts when mixed with other paints

so i did a quick sketch and inked it with black india ink.... didn't want to experiment with everything at once, i decided to go with 9x12 cold pressed paper wince there's a bit of texture and i felt it would give this metallic paint a bit more dimension.

So in the end I mainly focused on how it reacted when mixed with other paint (the heart) how it reacted when placed onto of another paint (the hair) how is acts on it's own (the dress) and as more of a happy accident... how it reacts to techniques to add texture (the bg)
am i happy with it? overall yeah but i will not ever use this much of the paint again.... just a little details to help accent it since the glitter doesn't show up in scans and makes it really hard to photograph.

It is for sale on Red Bubble 

I may start selling Original or my art soon, we'll see how things go. 

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