Sunday, 29 April 2012

Completed: Titanic 3D

well... most know my opinion overall on three-dee so it's story time.

yesterday my programs year end show opened.... i was hopihn to stop by today but then my parents told me the whole day was planned away.... oh well i'll go tomorrow near the end for tear down.... anyways.

the day started with a trip to Playdium.... Wow i haven't been to one in 9ish years..... and now i remember why.
a) Arcades really are dead in north america.... i mean they had lots of selection and new games but nothing that was incredibly fun.... i mean.... i had more fun playing bubble bobble on the Neo Geo then i did one any other game....
b) Arcades are REALLY loud.... the first thing i did.... and pretty much the first thing i ever do at arcades in play DDR..... but the speaker was SO loud on the one side of my head that when i got off the machine i was dizzy from being deafened in one ear. oh well at least the dance pad worked which is always a plus.
c) Wow.... there are a lot of little tiny children who enjoy running around without looking where they are going and cutting lines... this of course is fine but there are a lot of games that really are tricky for people shorter then a certain height to play.... again no big deal but yeah... makes it crowded.

however we were only there for a little and at one point where we needed to run through all our credits quickly so we just stood by this game that would eat credits and give us a lot of tickets.... we didn't really care we just wanted to head to the next thing.

after that was a  quick stop to the shoe store.... nothing really happened there.... other then the shoes i like not coming in my size... but thats nothing new....

after that was dinner.... again pretty fine other then i've been really sick the past week and it hits me harder in the evenings... all it did was make me lose my appetite....

ah yes... the the main event.... or at least waiting.... see when my mother went when it first came out there was a line so she was worried.... so we were happily at the front of the line, waiting an hour for the theater to clear... we were let in and soon after the film starts.

the 2 hour and 75 minute masterpiece as they call it...
holy crap that film is long.... not a good or bad thing but i've found my max threshold for 3d.... whether it's well done or not... is about 30 minutes give or take.

now we all know the story....
people go on a big ship, ship is unsinkable.... hurray~
oh noes the mean nasty Iceberg hit the poor ship.... now it's Sinking D :
lots of people die D : not a happy film at all
but they throw in a love story cause.... why not....

how was the 3d? better then i've seen in other films.... any cross fades hurt my eyes and panning shots were painful too... in fact anything getting near the bottom or the edges but still coming forward cause of the 3d hurt... I know i said i would never see anthor 3d film..... i got dragged to this one... do i begrudge it? no.... will i probably be sick as a dog tomorrow? yeah but it's all good.

alright.... time to watch more Sgt. Frog... and by watch i mean sleep through.

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