Monday, 16 April 2012

Completed: The Noble Fool Vol 1 of The Hungering Saga by Heath Pfaff

This is unlike any book i've ever read. i'm not saying this is a good or bad thing.... just something to note.

Quick summary. 
Lowin, a young boy, barely older then 16, works as a book keeper. That is until his entire world is ripped from him as he knows it, whisked away by a 'Black devil' and a mysterious girl he begins the journey that'll change the course of his life forever.

now.... why start out by saying this book is unlike anything i've ever seen?

First - It's written in first person from a retrospective point of view.... not saying this hasn't been done before but i find it really effective here. the only downside is that i know this is a trilogy and it's retrospective so the chances of the main character dying are slim to none. You may be saying but the chance of a main character dying is ALWAYS slim to none.... well not in the books i tend to read.... sometimes they die many times.... or at least appear to die.... anyways getting off topic here

Second - There are no Chapters. None... there are just gaps that tell you 'you can take a break here if you want' this drove me a little nuts cause i hate stopping in the middle of the chapter... again it doesn't really affect the book it's just.... never seen a book without chapters.

Third - It deals with the theme of augmenting an inherently weak human body into a war machine but at what cost.... it's an interesting system in place that you can easily see how it went from the innocence it once was to the horrible thing it's become.

Fourth - Wow there is a lot of Sex... I mean.... at one point I thought I grabbed a romance novel instead of a fantasy one.... not that it's bad it just felt a little out of the blue at one point.

So did i like the book? For the most part.... I mean it has issues with building up emotions in certain spots. as i mentioned before there's a sex scene that comes out of no where immediately followed by a different sex scene that makes perfect sense in the context of the story. a scene where a character just suddenly reappears to the story but doesn't do as much as he could in my opinion..... a deal to honor any wish that is requested a little too quickly.... that's one of those things you want to forget happened so that when it bites you you go.... oh yeah..... that thing....
the worst one is at the end when some really interesting plot development and heart string pulling could have happened and it's all over within a page or two.... that actually annoyed me.

but other then those flaws i did enjoy it... again i like the system in place... essentially if you are a match for this race of seers you bond with that person and slowly gain their power... without spoiling too much eventually this leads to your body changing into something less human as you work for the king as his super army.
but the person in question has no choice in the matter and has to deal with the loss of humanity ect ect.

but yeah i do like most of the characters and i hope the second volume is even better since i find most authors improve with each book. so yeah i'll keep on reading though i may go read another book first cause yeah... i need a little bit of a break.

link to the authors website and it seems they only have their books available as Ebooks so if you have an Ereader or kindle then you should check it out.

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