Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring 2012 First Impression

the new anime season has hit and here's my first impression on some of the shows i've checked out so far.
all of these shows are seen on Crunchyroll since it's the easiest place to legally watch anime.

 Kids on the Slope
So far this is my fav of the season, i love slice of life shows which i would say this falls into.
It's about a new transfer student who has anxiety issues becoming friends with the class 'thug' and the class president through their mutual love of music. after only one episode it just seems like an adorable show with great animation, characters and music.

Hiiro no Kakera
it's a reverse harem show that seems to follow all the reverse harem tropes so far.... you all knwo who she'll end up going for cause.... well it's always the same with these shows.... it's not bad but 3 episodes in and i really hope it gets better or i'll give up on it.

.... Yeah.... i know the creator is a huge deal in the anime world and i know it's blasphemous for me to have not seen harlock or galaxy 999.... but just because they have created classics in the past doesn't mean everything they touch is gold. I watched one episode of OZMA and i really didn't like it.... the story isn't very good the characters are really unlikable i had no idea what was going on and i find that all the girls he has drawn tend to have the same face and that's distracting.

Space Brothers
so far it's cute and it's got some humor... you can tell it's trying to educate people and try to get more interest in space and astronauts... which is fine but they are using NASA a lot and it's a bit distracting since NASA isn't planning on going into space any time soon... granted this does take place in the future so they could just say well people changed their mind. also the art is pretty interesting... it's nice to see a slightly more realistic style instead of the moe crap we've been getting

Folktales from Japan
whenever i want to go WTF i put this on.... it's just.... they have some really odd stories. but i really like the style... and i love that each little story gets it's own style to depict it... but yeah.... very very odd but still something fun to watch.

Sengoku Collection (Parallel World Samurai)
yeah.... i will state right now i don't know the story of Oda Nobunaga.... but in the past year or two there have been 5 or so titles i can think of that try to use this story as a base.... most of them takign the genderbender approach.... it's not new.... it's not funny and we see it as just a blatant way to show your fanservice in.  i have only given this show one episode so i may try again later... but right now this show doesn't impress me.

Kuroko's Basketball 
The other show i'm really enjoying this season... i normally hate sports anime but i guess since i played basketball as a kid i'm enjoying this one? the art is good the characters are fun and i'm looking forward to how the story progresses.

Mysterious Girlfriend X
i think the show lost me when she vomited a crapload of drool because she was... and i quote... 'excited'.... yeah i REALLY didn't like this... just a little too gross for me.... the creator seems to have a fetish for drool.... which is fine just.... keep it to yourself... and it's a shame cause the art is really cool art and the concept of a boy coming to the age of being curious about being with a woman could have been handled in an interesting way... but no.... we get drool and LOTS of it. I'm not saying it's bad it's just.... not for me

This show is odd..... i think i need to give it a few more episodes before i can even sumemrize the plot.... all i think i know is mind control watergun.... and even then i'm not entirely sure.... still the art is cool and the intro song is fun.... i'll keep with it for now...

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Love it so far.... second episode doesn't air till fairly late tonight but i really look forward to seeing more.... it's about a paranormal club where the president just happens to be a ghost.... just so much fun.

Medaka Box
Oh yay.... another fan service show... cause we don't have enough of those....  i'm being unfair cause i only got 5 mins in before i declared boredom and went off to do other things with my time... maybe it has a good plot or interesting characters.... from what i saw it was just the same old fanservice crap

so yeah... i think that's all i've seen so far... i've heard lupin is good and funimation is simulcasting and i'm not sure if i can watch their stuff in canada.... maybe i'll try later.

but yeah... things to keep in mind....
I'm not the biggest fan of Moe or fanservice.... I don't mind if the show has a little moe here or a little fanservice there... it's when the show feels those aspects are more important then having a plot.... so thats probably why i'm really harsh on some shows which are getting great reviews.... this is all my personal opinion and i'm not saying i'm right... it's just how ive felt about what i've watched so far.

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