Saturday, 7 April 2012

Completed: Working!!

Also known as Wagnaria!!

just a cute fun comedy show about the odd group of people that work at the inn.

We have Takanashi, the boy who is the newest employee, he only joined cause a cute small girl asked him to... he really likes small things... to a point where it's pretty creepy.

then we have the previously mentioned small girl Popura, she constantly has to deal with being htought of as a elementary school student as well as constant teasing from the main chef.

The there is the main chef, Sato, Former gang member this university student sticks out with his tough attitude and his blond hair.... however he' realyl a softy at heart and has a crush on the main waitress.

Of course the main waitress (who's name i can only remember as being 'chief' so we'll go whit that) is completely clueless about the fact that he likes her.... part of the reason she just doesn't get it is cause she wont shut up about the owner.

Yachiyo owns the restaurant and is a former gang member (different gang then Sato) the problem is she spends more time eating the food the restaurant produces instead know.... doing work.

Our last important waitress is Inami who is an Androphob, she fears all men and has a tendancy to punch them... this makes working difficult. 

Then there's the other cook.... who has dirt on all the previously mentioned characters, whatever the situation he has the picture or the juicy secret to torture/blackmail the other characters with...

and thast pretty much the main cast... other characters come and go but these are the main ones.

the story focuses mainly on them... and it's just a good time. it's a slice of life show that currently has 2 seasons, 13 eps each... go check them out on crunchyroll or buy season 1 from Nippon Ichi Software America (NISA) online store.

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