Sunday, 1 April 2012

Elendil - From Start to Finish -

nearing the end of this series.... mostly because i'm running out of time...

Alright so this one gave me a bit of trouble because i'm not particularly fond of the colour orange... oh well... also i felt liek at first i had drawn her too big.
yeah it's really hard to see but i wanted to fit the fact thast she's an archer into the pic but i thought there was no way to do it with her being so big....

until i stared at it for a while just before i was going to erase the whole thing...
was it the best solution? probably not but i felt happy that i didn't have to redraw it all cause liek i said... the deadline is fast approaching.

so to avoid procrastination i claim that i will finish the piece before i go to bed...

and this is what i got
yeah the camera really didn't like taking the picture and the colours look much better in person but it's the only way i can get this 14x20 inch piece to the internet. i will probably go back and darken some spots but right now i need to hurry onto Yellow and Red

also no april fools joke cause... well i'm too busy with school to think on up. maybe next year?

This will be able to be seen on my DeviantArt account on april 2nd... when the cat takeover has been abolished.... though i wouldn't mind kitty overlords.

So it can be purchased as either a print or an iphone case at Red Bubble

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