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Completed: The Ace Attorney Series

well seeing as i have no more queued reviews i figure why not dip into things i have completed in the past, This is mostly be for games cause i have a tendency to re-watch shows or re-read books but i almost never replay a game.

I may get some details wrong because for a lot of these it has been a long time since i beat them but I promise to do my best.

A little back story~

Back in high school there was a lot of buzz about this point and click game where you play a defense attorney and how it was surprisingly good.
Then I didn't hear anything about this series for a few years.... and I completely forgot it even existed... Until one of my friends was talking about the plot and it sounded really fun, we were at a con and i happened to come across a vendor selling the first game in the series for 5 or 10 bucks.... so i took a chance and bought it.

And thats where this whole thing began.
To date the games in this series that have been released are...
Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for all
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trails and Tribulations
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (the first series in the game to not have Phoenix as the main character)
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (the first game where you was around... i'll get into that)

So as you can probably tell, if your like me and sort things alphabetically.... this series throws a wrench into that. it's one of the few series where i just do it in order instead of alpha.... *sighs*

The first game in the series introduced the main cast.
You play Phoenix Wright, a young defense attorney fresh out of law school... and a bit of a moron, luckily you have your mentor beside you to help you along the way--- what? she dies in the first not tutorial mission? well.... that sucks..... oh but she occasionally possessed her little sisters body to help out.... well that is nice of her.... 
Anyways the game is broken up into two main parts. Investigation where you look around the crime scenes to search for clues and evidence and Court room where you have to present evidence to prove your client innocent.

Investigation is easy but can be frustrating...  the game wont let you progress till you've gotten all the evidence you need... and if you miss one tiny little thing and you have many maps to look over it can be annoying to try and find whats missing... and it tend s to lead to a lot of yelling at the DS things like "but i looked there already!"

The courtroom is the only place you can take damage (in the first game at least... and again it's been a while so i don't remember if this is entirely correct) In the first game you have 5 exclamation marks... get five answers wrong and you start the day over........ unless you did what i did and save before every answer and if i got five strikes just reset the game so i could jump right back in without restarting.

I personally enjoy the courtroom more then the investigations but you do tend to have a few situations that can be annoying.

one is you'll know how to solve the case right away but you can't prove it till the game allows you.... almost everyone i talk to feels this way about the Steel Samurai case.

The other is when the game goes "oh i know how to prove this, it's so simple" and you as the player just think "it's great that you know Phoenix.... wanna fill me in?"

but still the story is cute and i love all the characters.... but since this is a poitn and click game.... there really is only one way to beat it and that means no re playability.... the closest thing you get it lending it to friends and having them come ask you for help.... but sometimes you even forget... oh well...

The second game puts Phoenix's name first, why? i don't know.... probably to upset people who order things alphabetically.

There are a few changes to this game, instead of 5 exclamation marks you get a bar, some questions will do more damage to you.... some even will take away the entire bar if you screw up... the other change is that you can now take damage when investigating.... kind of... see your given a megatama by Maya Fey, the previously mentioned younger sister of your dead mentor.... this allows you to sense when people are hiding something, you go into an alternate scenario where you see the locks people have put on this secret and your job is to break through the locks without putting them on edge. this is really fun since it takes elements from the courtroom which i like and puts it into the investigation segments which aren't as fun....
that begin said when you see multiple locks on a persons secret you kind of whimper cause you know you have to find a way to get all that info out of them.

this one also has a lot of great character development especially in the last chapter which makes up for the fact that i believe this is the shortest of all 5 games.

the third game has the best story and characters by far.... as well as more character development and that's probably why i love this series so much.... yes the game play is fun but the story is really engaging.... also i love that each characters cellphone ringtone is a midi version on their overall theme, i have a friend who tends to use Pheonix' cellphone ringtone as his own and it makes me laugh every time.

Then we get to game 4.... and everything changes.
First game made exclusively for the DS.... that's right the previous three were ports from the GBA...
the first game to star a new defense attorney.... in fact this game takes place many years after the third game and Phoenix is pretty much a hobo after being disgraced by one of his cases....
it also mean no megatama.... no locks to break.... instead Apollo has a bracelet that tightens when people are lying.... it's your job to find their nervous twitch.... i really like this.... but there was one i got stuck on for a long time and i actually had to gamefaq the answer.... i was so upset with myself. 
despite all the changes i really liked this game.... but i think Phoenix is better then Apollo.... but i guess i just need to give it time...
also there's a lot of forensics in the game... which is something we only got a taste of in game one and i think it's a welcome addition.  

finally the last of the released games.... and the most different out of all of them...
i've technically done a completed of this all by itself... but i'll mention things here. 
this is TECHNICALLY a spin off since your playing a persecutor.... not a defense attorney.... also as the title suggests... it's all investigations.... no court... you still do all the things you would have done in the court on the outside but still... no judge.... : (
it's also the first one to let you walk around the scene... before you were just a cursor hovering over an image.... it's fun and the story was nice... most people like Edgeworth more the Wright so i geuss there's that as the bonus.... there is a sequel on the way and i can't wait to too how they have tweaked it since each game tries to add something new.

there is a cross over planned between this series and Prof. Layton... it hasn't come out over here so i can't talk too much about it other then i really really really really want it. i love both series so much and i'd love to see how the two mix.

Also there is a stage play based off the game and a movie being shot... haven't seen either so i can't talk about them but i do hope they are good.

alright, the TL;DR is if you like point and click games then this is a really fun on to pick up, most places sell it cheap. all 5 games are for the DS but the crossover game is slated to be for 3ds.

so yeah.... go play it

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